World Product Day — East Meets West for Innovation!

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This month is World Product Day and we are celebrating with a special event — we are joining forces with the Pittsburgh chapter of ProductTank! We will be hosting one speaker from each half of the state...It'll be like eating a Gino's Cheesesteak covered in Primanti's Fries & Coleslaw! Actually, it'll probably be more like a couple super-smart speakers giving us their take on the topic of innovation.


6:00 - Intros & Updates
6:10 - Presentations begin
7:15 - Open discussions / networking


The Fuzzy Front-End of Innovation:
Maureen (Moe) Rinkunas : Principal, DuPont Ventures

What needs to happen after that 'eureka!' moment? What steps should you take to explore a new idea? We will explore how to articulate uncertainties around new ideas and how you can build a learning plan that helps test critical assumptions and lays out clear "proof points" to know you're on the right path.

Over the last 16 years, Maureen (Moe) Rinkunas has helped teams go from inspiration to action. Having worked with hundreds of teams at organizations of all sizes from startups to Fortune 500 companies, she has seen the pinch points where things “get stuck” in the pipeline and has paved the way for the pursuit of early-stage growth opportunities with urgency and at scale.

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Innovation at Sheetz
Mary Beth Green : Head of Innovation, Sheetz

Mary Beth's role is to establish and lead the company's Business Innovation function through two primary lenses:
- Build a Multi-Disciplinary Innovation Team; Develop team structure, attract top talent, and shift thought pathways to develop new offerings
- Create Sustainable Growth and Profitability; Develop new product offerings and streams of revenue, and meet evolving customer needs


World Product Day is an annual event to celebrate our craft and community featuring over 90 local, in-person, events all over the world! This day will raise awareness of and appreciation for the craft of product management and our global tribe of product people!