November Meetup: Value Stream Discovery

Location image of event venue


For the November meetup, we are excited to welcome our guest speaker from Tucson - Aaron Aden! Join us at the Keap (former InfusionSoft) headquarters in Chandler for the topic of Value Stream Discovery that will be relevant to all product teams. We'll kick things off with some introductions, food, and drink, then flow into the main event.

About the Topic:
One key aspect of Lean Innovation is exposing assumptions underlying product lifecycles and rapidly experimenting to validate or invalidate those assumptions. But how do you expose those assumptions? How do you know what test, what to measure and where to focus your energy?

Your Value Stream is comprised of all the activities your business must do to create and deliver customer value. Value Stream Discovery a framework for systematically searching, discovering, and adapting throughout a business model, to find growth. It helps you understand where to focus to have the biggest impact and establishes a dashboard to measure your progress.

In this session, Aaron Eden, will walk you through how to supercharge your growth strategy, reduce waste, and drive bigger impact.

About the Speaker:
Aaron Eden is a COO of Moves The Needle and Ex-Intuit Product Manager & Innovation Catalyst, and Co-founder of Startup Tucson.

For more than 20 years, Aaron has utilized his passion for innovation, entrepreneurship, and customer empathy to transform countless businesses by teaching them to adopt Lean Innovation, create new value for their customers, and generate hundreds of millions in new revenue.

He’s worked with some of the world’s most innovative companies, including American Family Insurance, General Electric, and ING, guiding them to move faster, be bolder, and drive impact.