Communication in Product Management

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Food and Drinks provided by UserVoice:
* Mini Cupcakes from PlantCakes Bakeshop
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* Beer

Recording provided by Vaporware

David Bates - 5 Secrets to Being Heard: Get results through connection…instead of just yelling louder
The human ability to communicate is a unique and powerful gift. Yet, many of us are frustrated by communication failures that happen around us every day. This discussion weaves theory and practical suggestions together in ways you can put into practice right away. This fast-paced, interactive overview covers everything from a basic communication model to the impact of personality and behavioral preferences. When you communicate effectively, you'll make important connections with others - leading to more success in getting things done!

Dan Moore - How We Talk Matters
Some learnings and insights from a product manager. I'll share some tips and techniques I've found along my journey that have led me to communicate with intention. Filled with different communication styles, stories, and idioms. Plenty of time for questions and sharing of your own story or challenge!