Remote Workshop | Product Discovery Basics with Holly Chasan-Young


Richmond Product People!

Save the date for an exciting REMOTE product workshop with Holly Chasan-Young of Wonderbolt Labs (

It is estimated that only about 10% of product teams conduct customer discovery on the regular - yet nearly half of new products fail due to lack of customer need. So if you’re in the 90% who seldom hear from customers, you’re leaving a lot to chance. A lack of focus on customers causes teams to get trapped in an echo-chamber and leads to poor product decisions. Holly Chasan-Young, an innovation coach and advisor from Wonderbolt Labs, will discuss tips and practices for approaching, listening to and learning from both internal customers and external consumers. You’ll walk away with new skills and a listening session template that’s customized for your product or service goals. This workshop will be experiential, so bring your customer-discovery related questions, ideas and challenges - and get ready to learn.

6-6:30 Let's get connected, Jessica to help with connectivity issues
6:30-7:30 Main Event
7:30-8:00 Discussion and Networking

To attend: RSVP here on Meetup, and you'll receive an email with a URL to get connected the day of the event.