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The many flavors of Product Management!

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The many flavors of Product Management!


Welcome back to ProductTank!! We're BACK and IN PERSON! And we're so excited to be at the beautiful Illumina campus for our first panel in over two years.

There are so many different industries in San Diego, and...most of the time when we gather, we talk about product management in software. Often, we focus even more narrowly - b2b/SaaS product management. But...product management exists in so many industries and companies. In this panel we bring together product leaders from biotech, healthcare and other non-software industries to talk about how they define product management. We'll be welcoming:

They'll share what it means to be a product manager in their companies & industries. For example - how do you focus on customer when you're developing a new sequencing technology at Illumina? What does a product development lifecycle look like in healthcare? How do you discover customer problems at Qualcomm? What's a typical day look like for a product manager?

If you've ever considered working in something other than strict software as a product manager, this is a great way to learn more, and network!

Make sure to add your name/email to the RSVP as we can expedite security requirements.

A HUGE thanks to Illumina for hosting ProductTank. Look forward to seeing you there!

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ProductTank San Diego
ProductTank San Diego
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