• Using Market Intelligence to Guide Product Decisions

    Plug and Play Tech Center

    Calling All Product People!

    On 10/29, ProductTank will invite a panel of product leaders on leveraging market intelligence to make better product decisions.

    Whether you are managing existing products or launching new products, harnessing relevant market intelligence is the key to making the products that people need.

    So, in our connected world where your products are distributed online — whether they're internet-based products or physical products (e.g. Google Home) sold via Amazon — where do you go to learn about market needs? How do you interpret them?

    Please join us on 10/29 to learn from a panel of product leaders!

    Murray Newlands
    Author, Journalist, CSO @ Commerce AI

    Abhay Bhorkar
    Director PM and Services, Connected Home Products @ Netgear

    Will Decker
    VP, Brand & Retail @ Plug and Play

    Commerce AI (commerce.ai) equips companies with AI that can read, see, hear, and understand product feedback at scale.

    Plug and Play (plugandplaytechcenter.com) is the ultimate innovation platform, bringing together the best startups and the world’s largest corporations, for startup and product acceleration and investments.

    Light refreshments will be provided.

    The event will begin at 6:00 pm.

  • How Product Management Works at LinkedIn, with VP of Product Kiran Prasad

    Kiran Prasad, the VP of Product at LinkedIn responsible for its flagship consumer products, will be joining us to share insights on how LinkedIn approaches product management.


    Join us for an evening of networking and talks for product people, by product people. ProductTank is a global meetup in Silicon Valley and in over 150 cities across the world.




    6:30 to 7:00pm: Networking
    7:00 to 7:10pm: Intro
    7:10 to 8:15pm: Talk by Kiran Prasad + Q&A
    8:15 to 8:30pm: Wrap-up

  • Scaling Products and Product Teams with Joff Redfern, VP Product at Atlassian

    Join us for an evening of networking and talks for product people, by product people. ProductTank is a global meetup in Silicon Valley and in over 150 cities across the world.


    ARM Treasure Data


    6:00 to 7:00pm: Networking
    7:00 to 7:10pm: Intro
    7:10 to 8:15pm: Talk by Joff Redfern + Q&A
    8:15 to 9:00pm: Wrap-up



    Joff joined Atlassian in 2017. According to his LinkedIn profile, he's a “Tall, slightly nerdy, product guy." He’s been building product long enough to remember the world before JIRA and after. He’s founded 2 startups and led product at bigger companies like Yahoo! and LinkedIn. Most recently, he spent 7 years at LinkedIn where he built their mobile team and then led most of their consumer product. He joined when there were 450ish employees and left when it hit 10,000. His life philosophy is “less is more." He met his wife in graduate school and they have 4 kids who provide endless joy and amusement.

  • How Agile Product Marketing Works Best with Product Management

    Martina Lauchengco, marketing and product exec for market-defining products like Microsoft Office and Netscape, will be joining us to talk about Product Marketing in an Agile World.


    Modern product development and marketing are both changing the role of product marketing. Yet with every technology category more crowded than ever, product marketing has never been more important. Martina will discuss modern best practices, how to create the best interface between product and product marketing, and how to leverage the function to maximize success.


    Pure Storage


    6:00 to 7:00pm: Networking
    7:00 to 7:10pm: Intro from Rajiev Rajavasireddy, VP Product at Pure Storage
    7:10 to 8:15pm: Talk by Martina Lauchengco + Q&A
    8:15 to 9:00pm: Wrap-up



    Martina Lauchengco has over 25 years as a marketing and product executive building and crafting strategies for market-defining software like Microsoft Office and Netscape Navigator. She spent a decade advising companies on product marketing with Silicon Valley Product group and also teaches marketing and product management at UC Berkeley's graduate school of engineering. As an Operating Partner at Costanoa Ventures, she sits on multiple boards and coaches startups on all things go-to-market. Martina holds a B.A. in Political Science and M.A. in Organizational Behavior from Stanford University. She's a native Californian, mother of two beautiful daughters, and happy wife.



    Rajiev Rajavasireddy is the Vice President of Product Management at Pure Storage. Rajiev comes to Pure from Tegile Systems where he was VP of Products and Solutions. Prior to Tegile, Rajiev was at Cisco where he was Director of Product Management for the UCS platform, responsible for Fabric & I/O and the UCS storage eco-system. As Director of Systems Engineering at Isilon Systems, he led their North American field SE team. Prior to Isilon, Rajiev worked in various roles at VERITAS/Symantec and Sun Microsystems. He has a Master's degree in Computer Science and a Bachelor's degree in Electronics and Telecommunications.

  • How to Build Machine Learning Products that Solve True User Problems

    Kanishka Maheshwari, founder of fintech company InterPrime Technologies and former Director of PM at Salesforce, will be joining us in January to talk about how to build machine learning products that solve true user problems.


    Intuit (Mountain View)


    Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Machine Learning(ML) are all the rage right now — at Google’s recent I/O 2017 event they really put ML front and center with plans to bake it into all their products, and lots of other large companies are aligning themselves as Machine Learning companies as a natural progression from Big Data.

    But how do you incorporate ML and AI in your products? What signals would you use to identify if ML can solve the problem? How would you organize the team and what roles will they play? How will modelling work, where will the data sets come from? How will you solve the cold start problem post launch?

    For a traditional PMs, building ML products can be intimidating, especially if you don’t have the technical background. Fear not, ProductTank Silicon Valley got you covered.

    Come join us with Kanishka for a deep dive in building machine learning products from start to finish. While at Salesforce, he built a ML based search platform which is arguably the largest enterprise search engine out there - with over 150 M queries/day and 100s of Billions of documents. During his talk, he will go cover, how he leveraged ML to improve the quality of search results, the trials and tribulations that came with it, and how he managed a team of data scientists and engineers building ML features as a PM.


    6:00 to 7:00pm: Networking and snacks
    7:00 to 8:00pm: Talk + Q&A
    8:00 to 9:00pm: Wrap-up


    Kanishka Maheshwari has over 12 years in building products from inception to launch. He spent 11 years at Salesforce, where he was first a Lead Engineer and then Director of Product Management for Search. He recently founded InterPrime Technologies, a Fintech company focussed on helping companies get the most out of their money and making them capital efficient. Kanishka holds a Bachelor's & Master’s degree in Information Systems from Carnegie Mellon University.


    Intuit’s mission is powering prosperity around the world. Whatever prosperity means to you, Intuit is committed to working on your behalf and making it happen. Every day we innovate with our flagship products - TurboTax, QuickBooks, and Mint. So no matter your financial need, we have a solution that can help. Whether you’re a consumer, self-employed, or a small business owner, we are in corner to help make your dreams of prosperity come true.

  • Building Hardware+Software Products - ProductTank November

    Join us for an evening of networking and talks for product people, by product people. ProductTank is a global meetup in Silicon Valley and in over 150 cities across the world.


    Developing integrated HW/SW products in an Agile environment - talks by Jonathan Propp and Jeff Rosen

    Developing hardware is more difficult than developing software. Can Agile methods make it better? And how do you integrate hardware development with software development for a product that uses both?




    6:00 to 7:00pm: Networking and snacks
    7:00 to 8:30pm: Speaker sessions
    8:30 to 9:00pm: Wrap-up


    - Jonathan Propp - Innovation and New Product Development Consultant
    - Jeff Rosen - Supply Chain and Operations Executive


    Jonathan Propp is a leading consultant on new product and service innovation. He has nearly 30 years of experience with high technology companies in Silicon Valley, including Hewlett-Packard, Sun Microsystems, and Acuson. As a consultant, he has defined and implemented Agile and Stage/Gate development processes, led innovation assessments and workshops, and helped companies streamline their product portfolios.

    Jonathan teaches about innovation and new product development at the Leavey School of Business at Santa Clara University. He is a frequent speaker at professional organizations and conferences. He received a BA from Harvard College and an MBA from Yale School of Management.


    Throughout his 25 plus year career as a business leader and consultant, Jeff Rosen has excelled in providing the guidance that early stage technology companies need to achieve rapid, sustainable profit and growth. He has turned around operations and customer service functions to drive organizational scale and capability, identified and executed business tools and services to accelerate margin improvements, and provided operational and financial leadership to move a company from start-up phase to +$300M in revenue.

  • Product Camp Silicon Valley

    Santa Clara University Lucas Hall

    Registration is now open for Product Camp Silicon Valley.

    Register at: http://productcampsiliconvalley2018.eventbrite.com
    (note: early bird pricing ends March 16th)

    Learn more at:

    Look forward to seeing you there!

  • How to Play and Win the Product Management Career Game

    Product School

    How do you get your first product management job? How do you break the Catch-22 of not having enough experience to get the job you really want? How do some product managers progress up the career ladder, while others fail? Join us for a panel discussion that seeks to answer these questions and more!

    - Muffi Ghadiali, Senior Director of Product Management, ChargePoint

    - Gyanda Sachdeva, Sr Director of Product at LinkedIn
    - Chris Abad, VP of Product & Design at UserTesting
    - John Cook, Head of Product & Design - Consumer IoT Security at Symantec
    - Carlos González de Villaumbrosia, CEO at Product School

    - Product School


    Muffi Ghadiali, Senior Director of Product Management, ChargePoint

    Muffi is an experienced product management leader with over twenty-five years of delivering software, hardware, and services. He has and has led product management roles at Amazon, ChargePoint, HP, Synaptics, and was part of the founding team at OUYA, a disruptive game console startup launched on Kickstarter. Muffi regularly teaches at Stanford CSU and has received an MPhil in computer engineering from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

    Chris Abad, VP of Product & Design, UserTesting

    Chris has a driving passion for creating beautiful, innovative products that customers love. He is currently leading product, design and insights at UserTesting.


    Founded in 2014, Product School is the world’s first technology business school. With 14 campuses worldwide, the school offers certified Product Management, Coding, and Data Analytics courses taught by real-world product managers working at top technology companies such as Google, Facebook, Snapchat, Airbnb, LinkedIn, and Netflix. Unlike traditional MBA programs focused on finance and consulting, Product School’s curriculum is highly relevant for the next generation of technology leaders, with classes offered part-time at a fraction of the cost. More than 125,000 professionals have taken classes or workshops offered by Product School.

  • "Branding for Builders" with former Netflix VP Gibson Biddle

    PayPal (Town Hall Building)


    Discover how exceptional teamwork between marketing & product creates a hard-to-copy, strategic advantage. Learn how Netflix built a brand that nearly 100M people love today, as well as the mistakes made along the way.



    As the former VP of Product at Netflix, Chief Product Officer at Chegg, SVP Product at The Learning Company, and Producer at Electronic Arts, I have lots of experience building world-class products, teams, and companies.

    Today, I take on three day/week "Executive-In-Residence" product roles and I am an adviser to consumer tech product leaders in San Francisco, Boston, NYC, Austin, and Salt Lake City. In the fall and spring, I teach graduate level entrepreneurship and product management courses at both Stanford and Dartmouth.

    Every six months I co-host a 100-person product leader event. The last one was the Omidyar Network Product Leader Summit and the next two are January 18th in NYC, and May 11th in Redwood City, CA.


    Created and solely funded by eBay founder, technologist, and philanthropist Pierre Omidyar, Omidyar Network is a global investment firm that provides venture capital and grants to organizations that foster economic advancement and create opportunities for individuals. Since 2004, Omidyar Network has committed over $1billion to for-profit companies and nonprofit organizations.

    The Emerging Tech team at Omidyar Network invests in early-stage, for-profit tech start-ups (primarily seed and Series A). Our mission is to invest in and partner with founders who seek to build disruptive solutions to big problems in a profitable and highly scalable way. Our investments focus on healthy and sustainable living, marketplaces and platforms, and empowering individuals and small businesses in the transition to the future of work.

  • Most Lovable Product (MLP) & Search Products - Jin Zhang + Shakhina Pulatova

    Join us for an evening of networking and talks for product people, by product people. ProductTank is a global meetup in Silicon Valley and in over 75 cities across the world.

    This ProductTank event is generously hosted by Dell EMC (website (https://www.dellemc.com/)).


    6:30 to 7:00pm: Networking and snacks
    7:00 to 8:30pm: Speaker sessions
    8:30 to 9:00pm: Wrap-up

    Speaker Sessions


    Talk by Vikram Bhambri

    Most Lovable Product by Jin Zhang

    Product managers all know about MVP (Minimal Viable Product). While MVP has helped companies focus on validating the riskiest assumptions, this approach has notable downsides, the most significant one being that “alpha” or “beta” versions of products often don’t engage users, or create enough “love,” to help the product grow.

    A much better alternative is to aim for the MLP (Most Lovable Product). What makes a productlovable? It must solve a customer’s problem and it must be designed with the user’s experience and goals in mind. Users should be able to easily connect with the product, want the product to succeed, and provide actionable feedback to improve the overall effectiveness of the product.

    Jin Zhang has been experimenting with the MLP concept while making new software products, and is teaching a class at Stanford CSP on this very topic. in this talk she will share the highlights of this upcoming class, especially helping product managers to think through the opportunities where the customer loyalty can be sustained even when you don't have yet have the perfect product.

    Building Search Products to Find Opportunity by Shakhina Pulatova

    Curious about what it takes to build Search products? In this talk I will give an overview of the search and discovery problem, and present LinkedIn’s approach to navigating and exploring its economic graph using search technologies. I will highlight how we use machine learning to model user intent, understand user query, and rank search results to deliver personalized experiences.

    Speaker Bio

    Vikram Bhambri

    Vikram Bhambri is the VP of Product Management & Engineering for EMC’s Advanced Software Division[ASD], responsible for a portfolio of software defined products including Elastic Cloud Storage [ECS],ViPR Controller (Engineering & Product Management) , Atmos, Centera and Neutrino sold to Web scale,large Enterprise, Mid-market and public sector customers worldwide.

    Jin Zhang

    Named Women of Influence 2017, Jin Zhang is a technology executive with both Fortune 100 and startup experience in enterprise software. She delivered 8-figure revenue with global teams at IBM, led engineering at Apigee to its IPO, and is now VP of Product at CA Technologies. A frequent speaker and CIO Review contributor, Jin is passionate about diversity and mentoring, and she spends her spare time going to meetups or teaching at Stanford University (CSP) as well as Menlo College.

    Shakhina Pulatova

    Shakhina Pulatova is a product leader whose passion lies at the intersection of product management and AI. Throughout her career she launched innovative products deeply rooted in Search, machine learning, NLP, predictive analytics and recommendation systems. Currently, Shakhina is a Group Product Manager at LinkedIn, where she has been leading Search and Discovery, and (more recently) profile and reputation products. Previously, she led the Discovery product team at Eventbrite focusing on Search, recommendation and personalization initiatives, and drove machine translation, paid search optimization and experimentation solutions at eBay.