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TALK 1 - ** The Decision Stack **
by Martin Eriksson, Co-Founder @ Mind The Product

Product teams are faced with myriad decisions every day, from tiny design trade-offs to major strategic choices. Faced with so many decisions, how do we ensure high velocity and high quality decision making while also giving our teams the autonomy they need to succeed? In this talk Martin connects the dots from our vision and mission to our daily decisions through the lens of product strategy and product principles.

About Martin
Martin Eriksson is a product leader, speaker, author, and expert in product practices gleaned over 25 years experience building products and product teams in multiple markets and industries.

He has worked his way through the ins-and-outs of companies of various sizes, including The Financial Times, Monster (building the first SaaS offering there in 2004), Huddle, Covestor, and Cazoo. He literally wrote the book on Product Leadership, and currently serves as the CPO-in-residence at EQT Ventures, one of Europe’s leading venture capital funds.

As the Founder of ProductTank and Co-Founder and Chairman of Mind the Product - together the world's largest product community that brings product people together in 185 cities across the globe to further the craft - Martin has helped define an industry and shaped the practices of a generation of product managers.

TALK 2 - ** The Signal Through the Noise: How Mapping helps Product Teams find the Right Story **
by Rosemary King, Director of Training Products @ Mind The Product

Product managers exist in complex systems, that overlap and influence each other, making it very difficult to parse where there are problems and hence what should be tried as solutions. Systems Thinking and the practice of mapping are avenues that can help product teams create mental models that clarify and focus a team’s actions as they try to improve and optimize the systems they work with.

This talk will give an overview to what systems thinking is, and how mapping helps PMs apply it when teams need more information on what’s happening within their products, teams or organizations. Listeners will come away with a sense of the value of mapping and how different types of maps can help parse complexity.

Rosemary King’s Bio
Rosemary is an experienced product manager who has specialized in software development, agile enablement and lean methodologies for the past seven years. She has worked across diverse domains including government, finance, retail and enterprise.

After starting her tech career in the New York City start-up scene, she moved into consulting and has spent time with ThoughtWorks and Pivotal Labs London. She has done freelance consulting and training with incubator programs like start-up bootcamp, done UX research on four continents and likes cold water surfing.

She is currently Director of Training Products at Mind the Product. You can usually find her at monthly ProductTanks in London. Find her portfolio at


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