• Getting back to basics with User Stories

    D·Labs d.o.o.

    User Stories, we've written hundreds, and probably seen thousands, but are we getting them right? PM-turned-founder Sofi Newsham will take us back to basics to define what a user story is, how to write one, and why they matter. Handling difficult stakeholders, pressure from management, time restraints and the answer being obvious are all common excuses for squeezing a task into a user story framework, rather than framing the users problem. Using real examples from large corporations we'll explore how taking a step back to really think about your user stories can help you think like your customer and build a solution they'll love. ----- Talk length will take 30 minutes followed by a Q&A session and networking. Location to be confirmed. ----- In her time as Product Manager, Sofi worked for companies such as Travelex, World First, Just Eat and Upsuite. She's provided much of her value to companies within FinTech and Marketplace operators, but has significant experience across startups and funded companies. Today she is cofounder of TechEurope, a Product Management agency that works with various clients across the globe. She's travelling Europe with her husband and Product Owner, Adam to add value through interesting Product Management talks and surgery hours.

  • Entrepreneurship and experimental culture

    Crystal Palace

    To close our season this year we bring before you Andy Park from Spotify NYC, Andraž Logar, co-founder & CEO of 3FS and Tilen Travnik, co-founder & partner at D.Labs. Andy has built successful teams and ensured timely product delivery for the past decade working for different NYC tech startups. He will open up this fireside chat with the keynote on Spotify culture and his other experience working for a few startups in NYC and his own startup story. His collective experience speaks a lot to experimental culture in the workplace, what is discipline, employee empowerment, innovation and how it all works together. Our special guests, Andy, Andraz, and Tilen will talk about culture that inspires innovation and creativity. They’ll share with us top down and bottom up decision making process and what it’s like to work in a fast growing companies. It will be up to you to draw parallels between NYC and Slovenian companies. Your engagement is extremely important to us, be a part of this conversation! This discussion will be moderated by Danijela Divac and Tilen Travnik. We'd like to thank CEED Slovenia for bringing the event to our community!

  • Marketing vs. Product Marketing vs. Product Management

    A lot of us are questioning ourself what is the difference between marketing, product marketing, and product management role. Do we need the product marketing role if we have a product manager? We have the marketing team and we have the product team. Who is responsible for the customer interviews? When is the right time to separate the product marketing from marketing and product management? This time we have three speakers, each for one of the mentioned role. Andrej Škraba is Head of Marketing at NiceHash. Andrej specializes in marketing strategy, brand positioning & corporate communications, content marketing, social media marketing with emphasis on community management and influencer marketing. At NiceHash, he is also responsible for customer research and market analysis. He doesn't like modern and overcomplicated approach to marketing and likes to think that marketing philosophy is in fact very simple. Marko Vrbnjak is Product Marketing Manager at NiceLabel. Marko has been wearing many hats during his career: software developer, sales engineer, product manager and product marketing manager. He has years of experience creating, launching, marketing and sunsetting products in the global market and how (product) marketing can impact the business performance. Urška Herbst is a Product Manager at Zemanta with technical background and passion for advertising. She has been in the business for the last 5 years, leading product development and launching new products in the market. From the original idea, shaping the technical solution and selling it to the end market, that’s the whole package of a product person and what she does when building products that people love using. The event will be moderated by Mateja Rajter, VP of Product at Cleanshelf. We'd like to thank mBills and Zemanta for all the support they are providing to make it happen!

  • Creating product roadmaps in complex environments

    D·Labs d.o.o.

    Get excited for our 1st talk in 2019! We are starting this year with the big bang! Our guest speaker Marissa Fong (https://www.linkedin.com/in/fongmarissa/) from New York City, was a Director of Product at American Express, and has helped build the first roadmap for a few early startups in NYC. She set them on their path to success. Marissa is results-driven, collaborative, and customer-focused. She will share her deep knowledge of designing and methods of delivering products and digital experiences that improve customer acquisition and increase engagement. It's a rare privilege to have such a distinguished person sharing her experience in Slovenia! Do not miss it! Marissa will talk about her challenges and effective ways she discovered along the way to create product roadmaps in complex environments. She will share stories from her personal experience including volumes of lessons to learn from. The event will be moderated by product and UX strategist Danijela Divac. We'd like to thank D.Labs and CEED Slovenia for all the support they are providing to make it happen!

  • From product manager to CEO or vice-versa?

    It is our pleasure to host two former product managers and now very successful businessmen - Boštjan Špetič, programmatic Business Director at Outbrain and Dušan Omerčević, CEO of Cleanshelf. Boštjan was the CEO of Zemanta in 2007 and then worked as the Director of products and CPO from 2008 to 2015. Boštjan is now focused on business development as a Programmatic Business Director. Dušan was the Head of Software Development at Najdi.si, moved to VP of Engineering and VP of Product Development at Zemanta, and is currently leading one of the most promising startups in SaaS Spend Optimization in the world - Cleanshelf. Boštjan and Dušan have opposite career directions, Boštjan went from the role of CEO to being a product manager, and Dušan went from being a product manager to the position of CEO. We believe they have unique experiences to share with us, especially the different challenges they faced while performing both roles at the same time. The Product Tank meetup will be facilitated by Mateja Rajter, VP of Product at Cleanshelf.

  • Building relationships with development teams

    It is our pleasure to host two seasoned product managers - Gašper Šetinc from Zemanta and Urban Puhar from D.Labs. Both have started their career as iOS developers but have moved into product management. This makes them uniquely-positioned to share with us their recipes for building effective relationship with the development teams and the challenges they faced when switching from developer to PM. Gašper has been in the business for the last 15 years, having the oportunity to launch and run new products and businesses in various roles. Today he is shaping the future of Zemanta and helping as an external consultant at Voxior, a smart home startup. Urban started his career 13 years ago developing J2ME and iOS apps before transitioning into a product management role. Since then, he specialises in digital learning platforms and has led cross-functional teams ranging from small to large. Gašper and Urban do not only have phenomenal experience form the trenches but they also make enthralling conversationalists. Be sure to come with tough questions for them. The Product Tank meetup will be facilitated by Peter Černuta, senior product manager at D.Labs.

  • Managing Mobile Games at Ekipa2

    Ekipa2 d.o.o.

    As our final and anticipated most exciting talk of the season, before the summer, we bring to you the product management insights in the domain of mobile gaming. Our special guests Jaka Robnik, Associate Director of Product Management and Barbara Erman, a Game Designer from Ekipa2 will help us understand why is mobile media continuing to take our lives by storm. Prediction is that mobile media will continue to grow by 22 % in the upcoming year. Let's take a deeper look into the industry, and better understand the gaming product approach while learning from our country-grown success story. How do mobile games actually make money? How does art and game design come in? Those and other topics will be discussed, and hosted by Peter Cernuta from dlabs.si We'd like to thank Ekipa2 for hosting the event and bringing it to our community!

  • World Product Day: Blockchain Product Roadmap

    We are thrilled to invite you to our upcoming event with the blockchain gurus and Product Managers Anil Shrestha from Viberate, and Alja Isakovic from Cofound.it Both companies are Slovenian grown success stories. Both Anil and Alja are brilliant people that will immerse you in a memorable dialogue focused on the topic of Product Roadmapping while working with the groundbreaking technologies such as blockchain. They will talk about challenges they are faced with when thinking about high-level vision, prioritization, customer experience design, and frequent legal and technical conundrum. In addition, on 23rd of May ProductTank organization is celebrating its 8th birthday. Our event is one of ~90 that will take place in a various cities all over the world. Join this global community! Come to learn, exchange, connect, enjoy! We'd like to thank Viberate for hosting the event and bringing it to our audience!

  • Demystifying the Head of Product role


    We are honored to bring to you a dialogue with Idan Vakrat Head of Product at Outbrain the world’s leading content discovery platform. Outbrain just recently acquired Zemanta and is present in global market with the headquarter in Tel Aviv. Idan will share his stories from his vast product management executive experience, building a startup, failing, succeeding, and team leading, going back as far as his experience at the Israeli army. The key focus of the talk will be on roadmapping techniques and prioritization methods, something that every Product Manager is aiming to master! Peter Cernuta will facilitate this conversation. He is the rising star product managers at D.labs. We'd like to thank Zemanta for hosting the event and bringing Idan to the Slovenien audience!

  • Culture-driven Product Development

    ABC Hub

    We are thrilled to bring to Slovenia brilliant Sedin Dugum, Technical Lead building highly successful product teams. He is working at Technical CoFounder company Ministry of Programming. Paired with Sedin we will have our Slovenian All Star Senior Product Manager from 1Tap Vesna Doknic (https://www.linkedin.com/in/vesnadoknic/). While Sedin will share with you how he builds cross-disciplinary teams, and collaborative environments in which Product development is team driven. Vesna will focus on company culture, diversity and flat organization. As a result both of these successful people in the digital product industry will talk about the effects of positive team dynamic. and how team quality directly relates to the product quality. As always, you will have a chance to ask many questions and engage in what we hope to be a delightful dialogue. Danijela Divac, facilitator, is the product guru at D.labs. We'd like to thank ABC accelerator for hosting the event and all the support they are providing to make it happen! Spodnja etaža Emporiuma /pod Emporiumom.There's plenty of parking spaces around the building as BTC is a shopping center.