Building Native Apps in a Mobile-First World


Native app builds are becoming increasingly popular as the world adopts a mobile-first approach to technology. Native builds are profitable, relevant for plenty of verticals, and a smart way to diversify your service offerings.

What is the difference between building natively versus building for the web? Come to the first ProductTank DC of 2020 to find out!

Our guest speaker is Ryan Schaefer - Project Manager at Viget, a local tech agency that builds and brands digital products for startups and established businesses.

At the end of the presentation you’ll have an understanding of:

1. The differences, advantages, and disadvantages between native apps, hybrid apps, and web apps
2. The technical complexity that necessitates a different style of project management
3. Best practices for project managing a native app build
4. The difference in roles and responsibilities between mobile and web builds for Product Managers and Project Managers
5. Why core project and product management skills are still (and perhaps even more so) important with this type of development

Food and drink for this ProductTank DC sponsored by Viget

Viget is a digital creative agency that helps established brands and fast-growing startups strategize, build, and brand digital products. With offices in DC, Durham, and Boulder, and Chattanooga, they've spent the last two decades working with clients to diversify revenue and reduce costs through human-centered design and agile software development.

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