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How to Talk (and Listen!) to Customers

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Ania, User Researcher for Optimal Workshop, has kindly offered to help us all get the most out of conversations we have with our customers. Harder than it seems and something most of us know we should be doing more of. Thanks Ania!

From Ania herself...

There are two things we all know:

- great products are built upon a solid understanding of the problem they are trying to solve.
- listening to users is a great way to uncover the right problems to solve

But getting to the heart of what our users need isn’t just about finding the time to talk to them. It’s about having the skills to build rapport, ask the right questions and know what to do with the information. Bad research leads to poor quality insights. Good research gives us the confidence we need to make the right decisions.

And like any skill, it takes practice to get right.

I'll share a few tips and tricks to make sure you’re getting the most out of interviewing your users. I’ll run through:

- the essential skills you need to talk to customers effectively
- ways of asking the right questions
- biases we need to be aware of
- and tips for getting the best quality information we can to drive our understanding, and in turn, build the best products we possibly can.

Ania is a User Researcher at Optimal Workshop where she spends her days researching researchers and designers from all over the world, helping to build one of the world’s leading UX research platforms. It’s all very meta. Previously Ania has worked as a Questionnaire Designer at Stats NZ. Needless to say, she knows how to ask a good question, and she’d love to see you do the same.