The Most Common Product Leadership Pitfalls and How to Climb Out of Them

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There's no shortage of books and resources telling us we're doing it all wrong and what we should be doing instead, but the gap between reality and ideal can feel pretty daunting.

Tokes has worked with a lot of product companies from pre Start Up to unicorn giants like Xero and while no two companies are the same, the product people who work inside them share a number of challenges and fall into some common traps along their journey.

This talk explore the top pitfalls we've all seen before and struggle to fight our way out off and gives practical advice that you can put into action tomorrow (yes, tomorrow!), to take a step closer to the lofty ideals we all aspire to.

As a product leader the power to influence change is the most powerful tool in your belt! Come along, grab some inspiration and take the next step :-)

Tokes is a Product Leadership Coach on a mission to raise awareness and increase the impact of product leaders across New Zealand.

P.S. if you can't make it, here's a tip for free - read, listen and get inspired from a great list of resources we compiled a few meetups ago - :-)