Scaling Product at Hnry


It's been too long! Hope you've all had a bit of a break and are easing back into it. To help you get inspired and motivated for 2020, we're going to kick things off with another Wellington product story, this time from Hnry ( founder James Fuller.

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In a few short years, Hnry has grown from being a basic platform run on a Wordpress website with a ‘spreadsheet’ back end, to being one of New Zealand’s fastest-growing financial services platforms, managing upwards of $100m of funds annually on behalf of their users.

Hear from Hnry Co-Founder and CEO, James Fuller, who will be talking about how Hnry’s product development approach has changed over time based on their rapid growth - balancing the continuous need to deliver value to users, alongside a need to evolve beyond a basic MVP, to build a fully-automated product in a short space of time.

James will be discussing Hnry’s adaptive approach to product development, how they embedded customer data at the heart of their strategy, and how they cope with constantly operating at the ‘rev limiter’ of their capacity.

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A bit about James...

James spent the early part of his career as an application developer, before moving into technology strategy and consultancy, where he held senior roles with firms such as Thomson Reuters and Deloitte. Having left the world of consultancy, he became an independent consultant, working with startups, corporate and government clients to help them drive scalable change using lean, agile and customer-focused principles.

Being self-employed and having to deal with the burden of tax and financial admin led James to create a simple home-made system for calculating and paying his taxes. After a few friends asked to use the same thing, James got together with co-founders Claire and Richard to create Hnry - a service designed to eliminate all financial admin for freelancers and contractors.

Having launched in early 2018, Hnry has grown to become New Zealand's fastest-growing tax agency, helping thousands of Kiwis to manage their self-employment - making self-employment simple, affordable and accessible for anyone.


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