ProductTank Wro #8 - "How to talk and how to plan like a bo... Product Manager"

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Hi, you product people in this wonderful 2020,
we are starting this year with a big event, interesting presenters and in a very creating environment, encouraging discussions and sharing knowledge.

We have all the speakers booked already, but we don't want to uncover everything all at once. We ask you to be patient, as we are going to present them to you, one- by-one, in the upcoming 2 weeks.

Speaker #1
Dariusz Nawojczyk "Business + Devs? It's complicated. Story of the weirdest symbiosis on this planet"

In this speech I will share my direct experience with working on the edge between business and R&D expectations. No objective truths, no Google knowledge and I am not sure if I should ever tell about it.

Dariusz is Chief Marketing & Sales Support Officer at Salebook. For over 15 years he has been building business, product and marketing strategies for companies from the ICT sector with particular emphasis on the hosting industry, cloud computing and AI / ML.
With multiple awards - 2014 from Ministry of Infrastructure and Development, 2017 by Deloitte (Fast50), he is now responsible for the growth of Salesbook – one of the hottest startups in the #salestech industry.
Passionate about new technologies and new media, as well as artificial intelligence and communication theory. Author of the book Start-up in Poland. How to set up and develop a profitable e-business

Speaker #2
Grzegorz Kozioł "Value-Driven Product Development"

Is the cost of product development relative compared to value delivered? What are the ingredients to keep a high user perceived value? Let’s talk about the importance of value-driven product development and how we, as Product Managers, can strengthen our business competencies.

Grzegorz (Greg) is a Product Manager working with key telecom companies on the business development opportunities based on latest IT/telecom technologies. Privately the mood-boosting/weight loss runner, passionate about flight simulation games.

Speaker #3
Mariusz Szyma “From software outsourcing to product development. Frameworks and lessons learned on deciding what to build.”

How can a software house transition into a product company in an industry it has no experience in? Let’s talk about lessons learned and the product discovery process during the early days. What frameworks and tools will help you decide on what to work on.

Mariusz is a maker, entrepreneur, and owner of Szyma Consulting, a product consulting firm. For the past 6 years, he helped software and product teams deliver value and reach their goals.

Speaker(s) #4
Ewa Kaczmarek & Tomasz Sadlak "Does scaled agile suit every organization?"

Scaled Agile Framework has been designed to implement agile manifesto into bigger organizations and companies. We had opportunity to work using this method in a few projects executed in different environments, which influenced our perception of SAFe. As we acted in various roles in this framework, we would like to share with you our experience in this matter.

Ewa has been Software Developer and Scrum Master for several years in Nokia. Focused on frontend part of web applications, passionate about User Experience. Coordinator of Innovative Projects, initiative of cooperation between Nokia and Wroclaw universities. Master of Science in Computer Science at Wroclaw University of Science and Technology.
Privately loves traveling, good food and her cat.

Tomasz is Project Manager, Certificated SAFe Program Consultant who looks after safe implementation as Release Train Engineer. In Nokia he is as well recognized as one of internal trainers for “Future Program Management” program. Responsible also for quality management in department and continuous improvement process.
Privately like to play bass and electric guitars 😊

- 17:30 Registration
- 17:50 Kick-off
- 18:00 Dariusz
- 18:20 Grzegorz
- 18:40 Networking
- 19:20 Mariusz
- 19:40 Ewa&Tomasz