High performing teams: Combining UX, Dev + PM

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6:00 pm: Check-in & Networking
6:30 pm: Talk by Isa
7:00 pm: Talk by Phil
7:30 pm: Fishbowl Discussion
7:30 pm: Apero @ Ginetta Bar

Talk by Phil
To build a great product, good collaboration between Product Managers and User Experience Designers is essential. Phil will talk about what PMs can do or shouldn’t do to have a productive relationship with UX.

About Phil
Phil is a Digital Product Design expert currently working as Head of User Experience at Scout24 Schweiz AG. When he isn’t spending time with his son, he’s brewing beer, cooking, reading sci-fi or non-fiction, travelling, listening to podcasts or editing photos. And yes, he’s got too many hobbies.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/philsuter
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/philsuter/

Talk by Isa
Most companies are set up traditionally, into skill-focused departments: CPO + product team, CTO + dev team, CMO + marketing team. UX developers do not have a fix place in this universe yet and often are in a random department. Unfortunately, this setup does not naturally foster x-functional collaboration. To build x-functional teams, matrix organisations need to be introduced, with Scrum or various other project setups. However, team members still report to different executives with their individual goals, which are often times not x-functionally aligned or transparent. Isa will talk about how POs can align x-functional organisations towards common purpose and shared goals, to allow the team to autonomously take decisions and execute their roadmap.

About Isa
Isa Steiner started her career in R&D as a research Engineer after her Computer Science studies. Throught this time, she became more and more interested in web platforms and joined local.ch as an Engineering Director in 2008. After spending some years in technical leadership positions, she restarted her professional life as a human centered design consultant at Swisscom and eventially took over the PO position for the relaunch of Swissom TV. After the successful market launch, she took over a cross-functional Service Innovation department at Swisscom, to develop the next generation of customer service product lines. 2013, she moved to Swisscom’s Outpost in Silicon valley before joining siroop.ch as a CTO just a year later. After an other year at YouTube, she started a new assignment as CTO of carforyou.ch recently.
Her passion is to lead x-functional organizations, enable them to develop new products in a lean way and to inspire the next generation of knowledge workers.
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/isasteiner/