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ProductTank SF is one of the largest meetups for product people in San Francisco. It brings together the local product community, whether they’re Product Managers, Designers, or Developers, to share their experience and knowledge.

ProductTanks are always free to attend, organized by volunteers from the local product community, and supported by our generous sponsors.

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Creating Successful B2B Products


Join us on May 15th for a special edition of ProductTank: World Product Day! On May 15, we’re celebrating 9 years of ProductTank the best way possible - with a day of global events! Around the world, over 90 ProductTank chapters will meet on one day to share ideas, make connections, and build our international community. In San Francisco, we’ll be digging into the B2B ecosystem. You’ll hear from Kevin “Web” Page about designing experiences for engineers, and Scott Castle will share his techniques for measuring success in a B2B marketplace. --- About the Talks When AB Tests Aren't Enough: Measuring Success for the Enterprise by Scott Castle When measuring the success of really basic products, you're looking mostly at clicks: did someone click this, or didn't they? And that defines success. But for more complex B2B platforms, clickstreams are not as much of a direct indicator of success. AB tests don't tell the full story. Periscope Data's Head of Product Scott Castle will share a handful of innovative ways that his team measures product success — beyond just looking at usage data, they are trying to define features and workflow changes that actually convert new business. By thinking differently about how they measure "use" of a product to include policies, settings, user segments and more, his team is able to map product changes more directly to sales penetration and driving revenue for the business. Design for the Developer Experience (DX) by Kevin "Web" Page If you have ever designed for a developer, you may have heard the phrase "developers are technical, they won't mind the complex design experience." As user experience designers, we strive to bring human-centered design to the developer experience. In this talk, you will learn how to build a simply delightful developer experience. From APIs to integrations, come hear from what matters most for developer experiences. It's time to make the developer experience better for humans not just machines. --- About the Speakers Scott Castle, VP of Product, Periscope Data As VP of Product, Scott oversees all aspects of product strategy, planning, design and delivery at Periscope Data. He brings over 20 years of experience in software development and product management at leading technology companies including Adobe, Electric Cloud, and FileNet. Scott has a B.A. degree from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and a master's degree from UC Irvine, both in computer science. Kevin Page, User Experience, PagerDuty Kevin "Web" Page creates ethical innovation solutions for businesses and people. His strategies leverage APIs, developers, and emerging technology. Page is the founder of 140+ innovation design community and founder of Ethical Tech World. Currently, Page influences the user experience at PagerDuty. Through conferences and online publications, Page shares how to create a future for all. Big thanks to our sponsor, Okta!

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