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ProductTank April is about the Internet of Things and product management - How to manage products in an interconnected world? The IoT provides product people with lots of new opportunities as well as challenges to consider.

Curated by Marc Abraham, this month's speakers will share some of their lessons learnt based on concrete IoT examples.


Usman Haque | Smart people, dumb objects, networked environments

Usman is founding partner of Umbrellium, founder of Haque Design + Research and founder of Pachube, a real-time data infrastructure and community for the Internet of Things.

In an age of extreme connectivity what becomes important is what we are connected to. For the devices we use and the buildings we occupy in a wireless and ubiquitously networked world this is even more crucial: the world, we are told, will become a vast 'eco-system' of conversant devices, buildings and virtual environments. But somewhere behind all these 'machines' are people, and it's the people that, ultimately, make interactions 'smart'. This talk will cover such issues with specific reference to projects and initiatives such as Thingful.net, Natural Fuse and Open Burble.

LinkedIn (http://uk.linkedin.com/in/usmanhaque/) | @uah (https://www.twitter.com/uah)

Yodit Stanton | Democratising IOT for cities

Yodit is a software developer and founder of opensensors.IO, with a special interest in machine learning and distributed computation.

We are at the dawn of the Internet of Things (IOT) or connected devices where we would have to manage trillions of connected devices. In this talk, we will explore the implications of building services for cities bringing together the physical and digital worlds. This talk will touch on the opportunities as well as challenges such as scalability, data sharing (specifically open data) and privacy implications. It will include examples from projects we work on at opensensors.IO from grass roots led projects to ones that involve infrastructure management.

LinkedIn (http://uk.linkedin.com/pub/yodit-stanton/48/4b1/b39/) | @yoditstanton (https://www.twitter.com/yoditstanton)

Patrick Bergel | Got religion?

Formerly a Creative Director for clients including Microsoft & RayBan, Patrick has founded three technology-led companies and is now Founder and CEO of Animal Systems.

A talk in which startup religion meets design philosophy. Join hands!

I will exclusively reveal one weird old trick for designing, building and launching from-scratch new products (where new is bad) and share lessons learnt, interspersed with thoughts on usefulness, birdsong and the new crop of connected devices.

LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=23471121) | @goodmachine (https://www.twitter.com/goodmachine)

Registration will start at 6:30pm, with the first presenter beginning at 7:30pm.

Finally we will have the usual networking over drinks before we head to a nearby pub for more drinks around 9:30pm!

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