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ProductTank May is all about product management in B2B companies, curated by Thomas Schwaiger.


James Gill, CEO of GoSquared

Getting and staying focused – how to build great B2B products with a small team

How we design and develop the GoSquared product (the analytics platform that helps you understand your customers) and how that fits with a growing team of engineers, designers and marketers. To be covered:

* How we decide what to build next.
* How we spend more time building and less time meeting.
* How we keep the whole team aligned with a fast paced roadmap.

James has been the CEO and co-founder of GoSquared since 2006. GoSquared helps thousands of businesses around the world understand their customers better. James manages the GoSquared product from customer feedback and initial ideas to designing the actual UI that customers use, working closely with a small and tightly knit engineering team.

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Rif Kiamil, CEO & Founder of FOODit

What you testing? Minimum Viable People, Product & Platform

How FOODit built the same MVP 3 times, the journey of trying different product mixes for the restaurants they are selling technology to and what he thinks about building on Google Cloud Platform over Microsoft.

Rif Kiamil is CEO & Founder of FOODit, a startup creating tech for restaurants. Previously he was CIO to the UK’s largest independent food distributor, JJ’s Food Service. He has been online since 1994 and quickly taught himself to code, boosting an early career in ISPs. He left schooling to pursue his prospering development career, and has since won a multitude of awards, including British Computer Society IT Professional Award and Microsoft Business Visionary Award. He has recently been titled from Google as Google Developer Expert, due to his involvement with Google Cloud Platform.

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Clancy Childs, Chief Product and Marketing Officer at Tizaro

How to Screw Up B2B

Working in B2B Product Development is rife with pitfalls and failure states. I think I have managed to fall into most of those traps so that I have a reasonable understanding of what to avoid (and potentially do correctly) in the future. Hopefully this can help other B2B PMs. I'll be covering things like Squeaky Wheels, Miss-Aligned Sales/Product, Organisational Go-To-Market, and whatever other horror stories I can bring myself to re-visit.

Clancy was the London-based Product Manager for Google Analytics, focussing on the feature development and international roll-out of Google Analytics Premium. This included launching features such as unsampled reporting, integration with Google BigQuery and privacy controls. Previously he worked on products including AdSense, Google Maps, Google Apps and Checkout.
Recently he has joined Tizaro, an online industrial supplies marketplace, as Chief Product and Marketing Officer.

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We dislike outsourcing with a passion. The only way to build great products is to work with a team, as committed and engaged with the product as you yourselves are. A team with a co-founder mindset we could say.

But discovering and recruiting development teams is hard. And it’s even harder for early-stage teams facing all the pre-product uncertainty. Strangely enough, this is where we believe the fun is.

So we’ve started building tech teams, tailored just for all you early-stagers out there. A magic sauce of strong getting-stuff-done teams embedded in a pure startup culture, staffed from EU locations with a strong entrepreneurial and technical sophistication and a loyal culture. Offered on a daily rate with no pre-conditions. And you can work with the ones you like. Directly.

Because we work with so many startups in the UK, our teams (or individuals) have plenty of experience and know what you’ll be facing. So no nagging about changing backlogs, experimenting with funnels and making 10 prototypes at a time. It’s just what we do.

But, hang on. Isn’t that outsourcing?! Our founders and their investors don’t care. They just have a great team.