Past Meetup

ProductTank July


This month we are looking at product management case studies from Change Management.


Craig Strong ( (Director Global Product Development Lifecycle at Pearson)

Craig is looking to talk about "how to change a corporate culture and mindset (around product development)", based on some of his experiences at Pearson. He will talk about creating a cultural shift and how to get stakeholders to buy into this change.

How do you get people to focus more on values and outcomes, actions over support? How do you get people to buy into an approach that advocates fast learning? These are some of the aspects that Craig will cover in his presentation.

Sally Foote ( (Digital Product Consultant, Founder of FEB Digital)

Sally will talk about "product at the heart of change". She will use some of her experiences as a backdrop for her presentation about the impact of the introduction of a new product (or a radical change of an existing one) on an organisation as a whole.

Sally was involved in such a change process whilst at The Times (i.e. introduction of a paywall) and she will talk about how a clear product vision can help to get all stakeholders on the same page regarding the ramifications of a new product introduction or modification. She is looking to give the audience some practical pointers on how to create and communicate a clear product vision.

Derek Morrison ( (Group Product Manager at Tesco)

Derek will talk about some of his lessons learned around introducing changes to the ways in which organisations do product development. His focus is very much on "people, place and process". Derek will use some concrete examples from places such as Reed Business, Blinkbox and Tesco to explain how one can go about introducing change when it comes to people, place and process.

Derek is looking to give the audience some practical pointers on e.g. achieving change within certain constraints and on how to go about changing product development processes.