ProductTank November - Building Products that do good

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** Building Products that do good **

This month, we're taking a look at product managers responsibility within vulnerable environments. Whether that's users who are dependent on their product for health reasons or examining the wider environmental impact of their work

Tragic flaws and unintended consequences: How our success is killing us
Matt Stratford - Senior Product Manager at Elsevier

Product managers are among the most entrepreneurial people in the world and embody the spirit of capitalism more perfectly than any other profession out there. Product management is fundamentally about growth: to build and sell more stuff, to more people, more often, for more money, more efficiently. At the same time, we observe that the ugly side of growth manifests itself with ever more pressing visibility in the world: resource depletion, rampant pollution, technological unemployment, global warming. Is there any way to square this circle and meet the gigantic challenges of our age?

Molehill Mountain: a self-help app for autistic people
Nic O'Connor - Content Strategist at Autistica

Better mental health support is a high priority for autistic people and their supporters but mental health services often exclude them. 40-50% are diagnosed with anxiety disorders and many more live with anxiety in their daily lives.

Molehill Mountain is a unique evidence-based app from Autistica and King's College London (KCL) for autistic people to understand and self-manage their anxiety. The app helps users build their knowledge, confidence and skills to live better with anxiety. It was co-designed with autistic people and is available for free on iOS and android.

The app is the result of a partnership between a diverse and distributed group of people: autism experts, academics, autistic people with experiences of anxiety, plus a small team with the right mix of skills - product development, UX design, software developers and content specialists. We’ve learnt a lot from each other along the way.


Applause are delighted to be a part of November's ProductTank.

As a crowdtesting company, Applause talks and works day by day with a wide range of product people with different needs and challenges. So far Applause experienced meetups as a great opportunity to exchange on product-related topics and to be part of a community that wants to create better performing digital products. With the trust of over 300.000+ members in their testing community uTest, Applause empowers companies of all sizes to deliver great digital experiences (DX) – across web, mobile and IoT as well as brick-and-mortar – spanning every customer touchpoint.

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