ProductTank January - User research & psychology

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** User research & psychology **

Good user research - and access to meaningful data - is built on top of a solid understanding of human psychology. If you want to understand your users & what they need from your product, you have to understand how they think. And if you want to be confident that you’re gaining real insights, you need to understand how human psychology affects your research methods.

How accurate is your UX Research Data?
Martina Kuvalja - Senior Researcher @ University of Cambridge

With her background in psychology, studying metacognition, self-reflection and self- regulation; Martina explores the various methods we use at different points of the UX research cycle, & their relative accuracy. Is all the data we gather equally accurate? What are some rigorous ways of minimising any inaccuracies that might creep in?

An Entrepreneur's Approach to Doing Research in 2 Weeks
Mona Patel - CEO @ Motivate Design

How do you do meaningful research when you need break-out findings ASAP? Mona leads the innovative team at Motivate Design, where their fiercely practical approach to user research - “Insider Insight” - takes advantage of psychological shortcuts that happen when you take your users outside of experimental conditions. What are the powerful benefits - and potential gotchas - that come from doing user research outside the UX lab?

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