From startup to scale-up: taking your product and team to the next stage

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** From startup to scale-up: taking your product and team to the next stage**

The journey of products and product managers as organisations change, is anything but simple or well defined. This month we look at how you, your role and your team need to develop if you're going to make the most of the opportunities in front of you.

Morgan Sowden - CTO @ Lendinvest | Co-founder @ Paydesk

Morgan was CTO of Octopus Group where he built their digital design team from scratch (search for OctopusLabs on Dribbble), as well as their Product and (distributed) Engineering teams. He is also co-founder of PayDesk, a marketplace for freelance journalists.

He'll talk to us about how to run a product team remotely - including how to hire people, understand their roles, manage knowledge and workload.

He's also a Techno DJ, search for him on Mixcloud.

Beata Kovacs - Product Director at GSK

There are many ways to scale a company or a product. There are books, presentations, articles written about the topic, but the actual context matters more, than it would seem at the first glance.

In the end, most of the time it's trial and error, especially if there's no systematic way to understand the underlying problems and needs.

Bea's presentation will offer advice to uncover these needs and help organisations make better decisions about their next steps to expand their teams and products.

Thor Mitchell - Product Management advisor

Scaling a startup is a chaotic time. The business has new investors, people are being hired thick and fast, the founders are transitioning into new roles, and the gears are shifting from product discovery to product growth. In the thick of all this, the business hires its first PM, and that's you. What do you do? How do you make sense of the madness, take the reins of the product, and develop an effective team and strategy to deliver 10x growth?

Thor's talk will offer an honest and light hearted look at the messy reality of joining a business that's about to scale up, and ensure that you're prepared when faced with this challenge, and comforted if you're already living it!

A huge thanks to our sponsoring partner this month, Knowit - - a long standing ProductTank partner.

"Knowit specialise in Product and Development hiring. We are passionate about these markets – we believe in their growth and we want to be part of it. We’re a small business, therefore our reputation means everything, this is why we focus on building great relationships. We don’t want to supply you with one candidate or one opportunity. We’re in it for the long haul, consistently helping you to be a success."

This month's curator is Aviel Shtrik. Aviel is a Product Manager of the Borrower Platform at LendInvest. He's a user-focused and problem solver digital product manager, constantly looking for the perfect balance between delighting users and building lucrative products.


6:30 - Doors & free bar open
7:00 - Talks start
8:15 - Q&A