Letters to Product Managers

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** Product Tank September - Letters to Product Managers **

This month we turned to people who typically work closely with product managers and asked for their perspectives on how we can become better product people. Joining us are speakers from the world of design, engineering and data science for an insightful and thought provoking night.


Jan Teichmann - Head of Data Science at Zoopla

Jan leads the data science team at Zoopla and previously co-founded Cambridge Energy Data Lab. He holds a PhD in Mathematics and has strong background in machine learning, statistical modelling and programming.

There is an abundance of data in every business today, informing every possible decision a product manager makes. In his talk, Jan will wonder why this abundance of data does not equate to turning the dial for most businesses? Why are we still making bad decisions and why in today's brave new world ruled by data not all products are successful?
Jan wants us to learn about the lies, damned lies and psychological traps in data analytics so we can join the bright side of responsible explorative data analytics.

Chris Conolly - Engineering Director at Gousto

A passionate technology enthusiast and food lover, Chris brings his two loves together in his latest role as Engineering Director at Gousto. He has worked for strong Product and Tech led companies for most of his career and thinks the most exciting phase for any company is as they exit start-up phase, start maturing and hit the scale-up.

With a crowd-sourced list of ideas from his Engineering team, Chris be sharing with us thoughts on how to become a better PM through the lens of both an engineer, and also a senior manager in a Tech & Product led company.

Ellie Hughes - Optimisation Manager at PhotoBox

Ellie has worked for the last 8 years running Conversion Rate, Analytics and Product focussed projects for a bunch of different companies: in-house, as a consultant and for AB tool vendors. She has a blend of skills across AB testing / experimentation, Data Science and Data Engineering.

In her talk, Ellie will go over product management fallacies of running experiments and more importantly, how to avoid them. She will cover prioritisation and planning fallacies, getting fooled by statistics and the *real* way to achieve velocity vs value in AB testing.

This event has been curated by Stephen Pavlovich

Stephen is the CEO at Conversion, an experimentation agency. Taking insight from data, analytics and behavioural research, Conversion helps brands optimise customer experience, product and business strategy – with confidence. Their clients include brands like Canon, Domino's Pizza and Gousto. When not testing on clients' websites, Stephen tests out different methods for baking sourdough bread (with "help" from his 5 year-old son).

A huge thanks to our sponsoring partner this month, Knowit - http://knowit.co.uk/ - a long standing ProductTank partner.

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6:30 - Doors & free bar open
7:00 - Talk starts
8:10 - Q&A