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Jun 9, 2018


I'm a developer, but also with a legal and to some extent financial background. Recently I built a course-delivery platform for medical professionals that's had reasonable success. Building other things now. Language pluralist.

Why do you want to join Product Tank?

To hear product development stories & develop my own.

What makes you good at designing and building new products?

That's a hard question.

What do you love about designing and building new products?

The ultimate reason rather than the many incidental ones is that it's about having a positive impact on the world.

What do you hate about designing and building new products?

If you mean dislike, perhaps it's the way in which so many tools have a short lifespan. But with good judgement that risk can be mitigated. If there was something to be sad about it's that so much good intentioned work is never finished. There are a bunch of ways to mitigate that, though, and the canonical source could be Paul Graham's blog. I'd maybe add Peter Theil's book, but Paul Graham said it first and often says it best in my opinion.