ProductTank Portland - December 2019

ProductTank Portland
ProductTank Portland
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Jama Software

135 SW Taylor St #200 · Portland, OR

How to find us

When you come in the building, go to the elevator at the back and select "3R" directing you to the event.

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We'll have two 20-minute talks, each followed by 10 minutes of Q&A. We'll have plenty of time at the start and end of the meetup for tasty beverages and networking.


Measuring What has Value: Positive Psychology and KPI's
Sam Mehoke

We know we ought to measure what matters and make our decisions based on data. But who decides what matters, and how? In this brief presentation, we will introduce practical positive psychological measures and theory to ground our understanding of what is needed for us and our communities to thrive. Through this lens of well-being we will then take steps to crafting high-quality key performance indicators.

Sam a positive psychologist and founder of Development Matters. He helps value-driven organizations to systemically measure their impact, improve through data-driven learning, and create thriving environments. He sits on the council of the Oregon Program Evaluation Network and is the host of 2 podcasts: The Logic of Thriving, and Everyday Evaluation.


Rocket Scientists Discover Product Management
Sara Fields, Product Manager, FreeFlyer

FreeFlyer is a satellite orbit design tool, used prominently at NASA and other space agencies and companies around the world. FreeFlyer has been a mature and successful product for close to twenty years, and the team just learned of this thing called “Product Management” last year. Hear about the successes and works-in-progress from the team’s first official Product Manager, from grooming a fifteen year old backlog, to setting a vision for the future and getting buy-in from stakeholders, as well as introducing product show and tells, planning poker, user interviews, and sales customer insight debriefs.

Sara is the Product Manager for FreeFlyer and an aerospace engineer. She has worked on product teams supporting NASA and other space industry customers for ten years. She has also worked as a satellite mission designer and sat on console as the Flight Dynamics controller for the launch and commissioning of a space weather satellite.


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