• 3/27: Salesforce Health Cloud Product VP on The Power of Platforms

    TOPIC: Salesforce Health Cloud Product VP on The Power of Platforms Speed-to-market is an ever-present pressure for businesses and for product management. However, product teams are often compelled to spend considerable resources on features that are necessary but not differentiating. How do you utilize platforms for acceleration that ultimately produce features that make an impact at scale? Salesforce Health Cloud Product VP Rita Sharma will present an approach that combines application and platform requirements to drive speed-to-market with compelling results. About the Speaker: Rita Sharma is a VP of Product at Salesforce - focusing on the company’s first health care product (Health Cloud). Prior to joining Salesforce, Rita was the Founder and CEO of FoundHealth.com - a consumer health website providing access to treatment solutions. In addition, Rita has held product/marketing positions at Lifescan and Handspring. Rita holds an MBA from UCLA and currently lives in Palo Alto, CA. RSVP and get your tickets here: http://bit.ly/2tp8i9O

  • 2/27/19: Uber fmr. Product Lead on Measuring Your Performance

    TOPIC: Uber fmr. Product Lead on Measuring Your Performance There are many resources that talk about the Product Manager role, but how does one actually measure success in the role? What are the core competencies that define excellence, and how should product managers think about tracking their performance along these lines? Uber fmr. Product Lead Shalin Mantri will discuss Measuring Your Performance - including the competencies framework that calibrates product managers across Uber. In addition, Shalin will discuss what excellence looks like at different levels and how to have professional development conversations with your manager. About the Speaker: Shalin Mantri is the Head of Product for Skip Scooters. Prior to joining Skip, Shalin worked at Uber’s Advanced Technologies Group (ATG), helping accelerate the development and testing of self-driving vehicles. Prior to ATG, he founded and led the team that built Uber’s experimentation platform from the ground up, as well as led Uber’s rider experience (i.e. the mobile apps you and millions of others have used to get around the city!). He established the product management rubric being used to calibrate and level all PMs at Uber. Shalin Mantri is a graduate of Stanford University where he earned a double major in Computer Science and Economics, and a masters in Management Science and Engineering. RSVP and get your tickets here: http://bit.ly/2TYeotc

  • 1/23/19: TechCrunch Product Lead on Managing Legacy Products

    TOPIC: TechCrunch Product Lead on Managing Legacy Products Brand new products are built under great blue skies of possibility. It is much simpler to build a great product from the ground up than it is to inherit an in-market product with a long history and turn it around. Given our desire to innovate and move forward, how to do you work with members of your team who are used to “the way things have always been?” Most importantly, how do you connect with customers who feel the same way? TechCrunch Product Lead Nicole Wilke talks about the advantages of working on legacy products and review strategies that can drive them forward without having an existential crisis. About the Speaker: Nicole Wilke is the Head of Product at TechCrunch - where she leads the company's product, design, and engineering efforts. In addition to her work at TechCrunch, Nicole has overseen high profile products at Disney Interactive and Wired. She has also held roles as a management consultant and as a product designer. RSVP and get your tickets here: http://bit.ly/2zd4UCn

  • 12/19: 2018 Holiday Party aka Festivus of Creative Design

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year - and I’m delighted to host our annual Holiday Party! For our last event this year, we’re celebrating in style with a “Festivus of Creative Design”: - Our featured guest is a leading design expert who will reveal the secrets of great visual presence on social - Extra yummy snacks including cookies that you will personally decorate - Cookie decoration contest on Instagram - with super cool prizes!! - Take your picture with our pro photographer behind a fancy backdrop - And, we’ll give away our first-ever $5,000 product scholarship to an underprivileged student <3 It’s been such an amazing year at Products That Count - we can’t wait to toast with you and look forward to even bigger things in 2019! RSVP and get your tickets here: http://bit.ly/2Dcng9d

  • 11/28: Floodgate Founder Mike Maples on Decisions For Greatness

    TOPIC: Floodgate Partner on Decisions For Greatness Great startups and great products are rarities - but they are not random events. How do entrepreneurs turn big ideas into sustained success? Most importantly, what steps should you take to stay focused on the ultimate prize? Floodgate Partner Mike Maples will discuss how to make decisions for greatness. With nearly 30 years of experience, Mike will share his learnings from successes and failures in some of the most important digital businesses that have emerged in recent history. About the Speaker: Mike Maples Jr. is a Partner at Floodgate - a venture capital firm based in Silicon Valley. Featured on the Forbes Midas List since 2010 and was named one of “8 Rising Stars” by Fortune Magazine, Mike is an investment guru with years of experience in finding the next big thing in tech. Before becoming a full-time investor, Mike was involved as a founder and operating executive at back-to-back startup IPOs - including Tivoli Systems (acquired by IBM) and Motive (acquired by Alcatel-Lucent). Mike holds a BS from Stanford University and an MBA from Harvard Business School. In his free time, Mike enjoys the world of cinematography and is a fan of sporting clays. RSVP and get your tickets here: http://bit.ly/2NMl4qz

  • 10/24: Stripe Product Lead on Managing Product Managers

    TOPIC: Stripe Product Lead on Managing Product Managers How do you take the first step toward a leadership role? Most importantly, how do you grow as a leader once you take on new responsibilities? Shreyas Doshi, Product Lead at Stripe, will share his own experiences on how to start your path in becoming a product leader. Shreyas will cover how to prepare yourself for a leadership role, avoiding mistakes that will affect your personal growth and setting yourself up for long-term success as a product manager. About the Speaker: Since joining Stripe in 2016, Shreyas Doshi has been instrumental in building the product team and driving new growth. He currently leads product management for Connect - Stripe’s flagship solution for marketplaces and platforms. Prior to joining Stripe, Shreyas held product leadership roles at Twitter, Google and Yahoo. In addition, he is an investor in over 100 startups - including Junglee Games, Cozy and Soothe. RSVP and get your tickets here: http://bit.ly/2xlx0dC

  • 9/26: Box CPO on Moving Fast (Without Wasting Resources)

    TOPIC: Moving Fast (Without Wasting Resources) In today’s competitive landscape, it’s never been more important for product teams to continuously innovate to avoid being blindsided by another player with a better product. When time is not on your side, what choices do product leaders need to make from day one to avoid going too far down the wrong path, wasting resources and falling behind the competition? From picking the right problem to solve, to putting together the best possible team, to how to approach user growth, Jeetu will go through what choices product leaders should make (and not make) to ensure their teams and resources are focused on what’s most About the Speaker: Jeetu Patel is Chief Product Officer at Box. He leads the company’s overall product and platform strategy, driving Box’s long-term roadmap and vision for cloud content management in the enterprise. Previously, as Chief Strategy Officer and SVP of Platform at Box, Jeetu led the creation of the Box Platform business unit, overseeing product strategy, marketing and developer relations. He grew the team from a nascent product to a revenue generating business line and key element on Box’s overall suite of offerings. He also led corporate development & M&A strategy as well as Box for Industries. RSVP and get your tickets here: http://bit.ly/2OBZS7y

  • 8/22: Coinbase CPO on Innovation from First Principles

    TOPIC: Innovation Through First Principles What is innovation? How do you build a blockchain platform that accelerates the advent of an open financial system? How do you go about transforming complex industries like finance and insurance? Coinbase CPO Jeremy Henrickson shares stories from his career and other experiences about how meaningful innovation emerges from first principles. Jeremy will explain why he usually eschews conventional wisdom and why he believes that great products, great teams, and even great music grows from first principles thinking. About the Speaker: Jeremy Henrickson is the Chief Product Officer for Coinbase. He is responsible for the product, engineering, and design functions as well as emerging business units. In that capacity he has helped build the teams that create products to accelerate the advent of an open financial system. Jeremy formerly served as VP of Product Development at Guidewire and as the Director of Technology Services at Reactivity. He studied at Stanford University where he received his BS and MS in Computer Science. RSVP and get your tickets here: http://bit.ly/2NtwXCf

  • Asana Product VP on Winning Your Market



    TOPIC: Asana Product VP on Winning Your Market How do you build a product that enhances workflow for today’s professionals? Asana Product VP Alex Hood shares his unique approach to building solutions that compliment workflow after years of research into how people get work done. His methodologies will help you design products that improve productivity and efficiency in the workplace. About the Speaker: Alex leads Asana's product strategy, planning, and the management of the entire product organization (PM, Design, and UX Research). Prior, Alex was VP of Product Management at Intuit and led QuickBooks Online. He was also the VP of product at TubeMogul, which is now Adobe's Advertising Cloud and has held positions at the Nasdaq Stock Market. Alex has an MBA from UC Berkeley RSVP and get your tickets here:

  • Slack Product Head on Growing with Empathy



    TOPIC: Growing Slack with Empathy How do you drive meaningful growth for your product? Slack Product Head Jules Walter shares frameworks he used to drive growth. He takes a stand against traditional approaches of scaling using a test and repeat approach. Instead, he advocates first developing a deep understanding of the problems preventing growth, and then using a structured approach to identify the best experiments to tackle those problems. About the Speaker: Jules leads the Monetization Team at Slack. He has been a key contributor to Slack's unprecedented growth in his over two years with the company. Prior to his work on monetization, Jules spearheaded the Mobile Growth Team. His team's work resulted in measurable improvements to new user onboarding and activation on mobile. He is passionate about improving diversity in tech and serves on the Board of CodePath.org, a nonprofit building the largest pipeline of high-performing, underrepresented software engineers in the industry. RSVP and get your tickets here: