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How to radically and quickly improve your product qualities, so that you become 'Worlds Best'

The story of Confirmit, a small Norwegian company, on the world stage.

• Confirmit was in the 'Opinion Survey' Business
• They had an 8 year old product, with problems in Usability and Technical Debt
• We introduced them (1 day, 2 books) to our 'Value First' methods (Evo, Planguage) for quantified qualities and agile weekly deliveries (‘Evo’)
• They defined 25 key quantified qualities, of which 10 Usability Qualities, and delivered them, at high levels, 12 weeks later to all customers
• They delegated the power of detailed engineering-design to their own dev teams, and kept 'requirements focus' on the 25 values
• They continued successfully for many years, until today, with new qualities every Quarter:
• they quickly became the preferred choice, and a big success Internationally.
• They ‘wiped out’, and bought up their competition.
• More important they kept getting better when there was a danger of falling behind and losing market to competitors.
• 2 years after they started they turned to the problem of Technical Debt, the difficulty of maintenance: and did something innovative:
• they set about 10 ‘ease of maintenance’ quantified value objectives
• and worked towards them 1 week (Green Week) a month.
• They ‘engineered Technical Debt reduction: they did not just ‘refactor the code’ (refactor = a 5% solution only)
• Confirmit did ‘Agile as it should be’ : Value driven not code driven.

Tom's biography you can find on his page