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This is an empowering, encouraging, and uplifting space. Share your dreams, your goals, share what motivates you or where you struggle to maintain motivation. Even share those times when you really aren't feeling it and what you are going through so we can lift you up. This group was created with you in mind. A hole was found in the support systems and "clubs" of life where you often find yourself looking for more of those who get it. Now of course you roll with the best of them, but wouldn't it be nice if everyone just "got it"...
Welcome Woman of Power and Strength, this is your people who get you!

This group is for you if:
*You have no dependents you have to legally feed daily, educate, and shouldn't leave home alone (None that have left home either)
*Your dependents have 4 legs, are furry, or swim, slither, or hop, etc.
*Plan to have kids one day, just haven't yet or waiting on God's plan and perfect timing
*Never wanted to have kids and perfectly okay with it
*Married and trying...or not
*Not married, waiting to try or will decide when marriage happens first
*Have a child or children whom are no longer with us, for whatever reason or cause
*Have a child or children whom are not biologically yours, could be married into or not (or not yet), and you are not sole provider though you love them with your soul
*Have a child or two or three that is not a human life but is a profit or non-profit brainchild that you have indeed given life to
*Sometimes lack motivation or a strong "Why" because most people use their kids and you can't quite relate
*Need some encouragement from other women who can truly, truly relate
*Would love a space where no one asks you if you have kids (or for some of us if you are married AND have kids), yet treats you as the complete and whole woman you are already!!!
What this group is not:
*Bitter women who "never wanted kids anyways"
*Those resentful of the whole world and/or those who have kids
We hope and pray this group will be a constant source of hope, healing, heart-warming, and a hand to help you be the Woman you were created and are expected to be!!!

*** Welcome to your tribe of Professional Women WithOut Kids***

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