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PROGRAM: MILESI WOOD COATINGS that Walter swears by. Atlantic Plywood Representative to discuss.

BE AWARE: this shop address is tricky to get to. Once you get to the rough street address, you must walk around a building and walk up a long inclined driveway to the shop. Some may drive up there but you may be blocked in and turning around is hard.

More Detailed Directions:
1. You turn into Commerce Street.
2. The pavement transitions into an unpaved road at the end of the paved road to the left. You go down that unpaved road and there are a number of buildings.
3. When you see Park Ave Welding on the left, find a parking spot. Park where you can but don't block anyone or driveway. There is parking far ahead turning right then left if all else is taken, but it can be muddy.
4. Walk back to Park Ave Welding. Go around the left of the building towards the back where an unpaved road/driveway ascends along the back of Park Ave Welding's building. Walt's Homecrafters is at the end of that inclined driveway.