What we're about

Our only agenda is to build up a community where participants mix and mingle in a safe and friendly environment, have fun and adventures together or establish long-lasting friendship and fully enjoy what the city's got to offer.

If you are fond of our vision, welcome to join and check it out. Invite your friends who may be interested. We appreciate your support, volunteering and valuable inputs, but nothing is mandatory except for mutual respect with other members in the community.

Professional Socialisers in Chicago is a Social Networking Group for Chicago Locals and Expats who want to meet other Locals and Expats in a relaxed and casual environment.

Our meetups are held once or twice a month. It is not about doing Business or talking about Work, but having a good time after working hours, meeting people and enjoying a few drinks without having to go to bed too late (You'll be at home by midnight, we promise!)

Chicago is a wonderful city but it is much nicer with professional friends who would like to make interesting connections after work.

While we are called the Expats Club, everyone is welcome to join. There is nothing better than expatriates and local professionals interacting and socialising together. It allows for interesting conversations and enriching experiences. We will help you shrink the time it takes to create a social network and that too with others who are also new here.



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What should you expect from our Meetups? Why and how are we different?


This group is a part of www.theexpatsclub.net (http://www.theexpatsclub.net/)

You can view some of our global meetups are http://www.meetup.com/pro/theexpatsclub/

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Wanted Part-time Host (Generous expenses paid!)

Needs a location

Wanted Part-time Host (Generous expenses paid!)

Needs a location

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