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Professionals Social Group (Edmonton) is for those who would like to meet new people. People you would normally not encounter because in most professionals' work life, we usual encounter the same types of individuals (co-workers or clients). It is not often that a structural engineer, a biology teacher, a voice-over actor, a neurologist, and a software programmer come together to socialize. Especially after a certain age and when everyone is focused on their careers and starting families, venturing outside of your usual group of friends is unlikely. Well, I say let's make it happen! Let’s meet for drinks at the Fairmont Hotel. Let’s go for wall climbing. Let’s go for dim sum. Let’s meet new and interesting people.

Please carefully read the following rules and regulations prior to joining this group. By joining this group, you will have acknowledged and agreed to adhere by these rules (subject to change).


1. RSVP “YES”- means that you are UNDOUBTEDLY attending the event and acknowledge that all pre-payments (if applicable) will be paid by specified dates. Organizers will be expecting you and reserve the right to remove you from Professionals’ Social if you do not show up since this has often caused our organizers unnecessary headaches in planning events and prevented us from planning more ambitious events.


No-show once-- member will be warned and will have to cover the cost of not showing up. No-show the second time—member will be removed from group.

2. Depending on the event, the "WAITLIST" may be activated when an event is full. If you are on the Waitlist, you are waiting for someone from the "YES" list to cancel, so that you can take their spot. Please do not show up at an event unless your name appears on the "YES" list. Spots are reserved for those who are on the “YES” list only.

3. MEMBERS ONLY EVENTS are for members only. We host these events for our frequent members who are always on the waiting list, trying to get on the "YES" list. In order to make it easier for members to get in, we make some events “members-only.” This is a private club and members should have priority over guests who sign-up only once in a while or only for certain events.

That being said, if you would like to bring a “+1” or “+2”, please have your guest(s) register as members individually and RSVP as members. If only one of you can get on the "YES" list and you do not want to come alone, then please wait for the next event.

4. On each event posting, the organizer gives a DEADLINE as to when one has to update their RSVP status prior to the event. Please ensure that you note the deadline as you cannot alter the RSVP after the closing date. Of course, we understand that life happens, so please send the organizer a message if need be. Otherwise, you will be considered a "Last-Minute Cancellation Offender," and if this happens again, you will be removed from Professionals’ Social.


We generally meet in restaurants and other business establishments, please remember that these are businesses (and we are in a group called PROFESSIONALS' Social) and it is good etiquette to purchase something to eat and/or drink while you are in the restaurant.

I do not charge a membership fee to anyone in this group, however, I would like to remind those who have forgotten, that you must ensure that you have paid for your portion before you leave the establishment. Professionals' Social will not be held responsible for your bill (those who choose to not pay their bill will be held accountable by the establishment and the law), and I prefer to have honest individuals in this group and keep our name in good standing with the places we visit.


As you have noticed the majority of our members have a picture of themselves that shows their face; not a cartoon, artistic image, or a picture of yourself in the distance. Please update your profile photo to clearly show your face, this will really help us with learning names of members and also to recognize you when we are trying to greet and direct people to our group during an event. In addition to this, we like to show off our events so we tend to post photos taken during the Meet Ups. If you have any reservations about that please advise people taking photos at the events so they do not post photos with you in them.

Any individuals who do not follow these rules will be subject for removal from group without notice. Please message any questions or concerns to our organizers and we would be glad to help you.

These rules and regulations are set in place since our events' successes largely depend on our member's active participation. We, like most, prefer to socialize with quality, honourable individuals who allow our volunteer organizers to plan more exciting and ambitious events for all to enjoy, as we collectively strive to a better balance in our work and social lives.

We appreciated your cooperation and support,

Professionals' Social Management Team

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