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An 8-week program for professionals experiencing mental health challenges in the workplace. Participants build a community of peer support founded on trust, partnership, and personal development.

Is it possible to experience a mental health challenge and be effective and succeed at work?

YES, IT IS! - Professionals Working Well is an eight-week program that provides professionals with the tools, accountability, and mindset to achieve this. This program supports each of us to balance the circumstances that cause stress and anxiety while remaining mentally stable and effective. We will share valuable information, tools, techniques and strategies all in service of unleashing our mental wellness in our professional and personal lives.

This program is for:

• Anyone who is experiencing a mental health challenge and is currently working a minimum of 35 hours.

Topics Include:

• Defining work wellness and life wellness; can it be balanced and work effectively?

• Self-awareness and your capacity to influence and impact others.

• Support structures for ongoing mental stability for high performance and consistent results.

• Addressing professional and personal stress and anxiety at the source by aligning your life with your core values and setting boundaries.

Professionals Working Well is designed to support each participant to manage the circumstances that cause stress and anxiety while working well in our professional and personal lives. The effectiveness of the program comes from the community sharing best practices, and learning new information, tools, techniques, and strategies. Each participant identifies an outcome to accomplish by the end of the program. Each week new tools, and strategies are offered to empower the participants to achieve their outcome even at the most stressful of times.

Using resilience building strategies, participants have increased their overall effectiveness

by 20% in both their personal and professional lives.

Start Date: To Be determined.

Location: Downtown Toronto, ON Canada

Email me to see if this program and the group is a good fit for you. You will be placed on a waiting list for the next available program.

Cost: $349.00 + HST based on 8 interactive sessions. Please note this is a one-time fee for all eight sessions.

We meet once a week for two hours. Your facilitator (http://www.lesliebennett.ca/bio/) has been diagnosed with Bipolar disorder, is a trained executive coach, adult learning professional and peer support specialist and is successful in managing the complexities of professional and personal life.

Participants will:

• Improve confidence and increase facility with work and life wellness strategies.

• Gain self-awareness and increase capacity to impact and influence others.

• Identify gaps in the support around you and implement structures to empower your success.

• Challenge beliefs and thinking that are holding you back.

• Network with others in similar situations and share best practices.

• Understand your rights regarding return to work and accommodation in the workplace.

The program is designed to support you over the eight weeks to achieve a goal you have wanted to succeed at and provide you with some tools to empower you even at the most stressful times. We will share best practices with each other and learn which strategies work best for us.

We have a great line-up of topics, speakers, tools, and strategies for high performance in the workplace including a Food and Mental Health Specialist and Personal Chef, as well as a Mental Health in the Workplace Specialist.

We use a couple of questions to screen people for this group - we are looking to create a safe and private group where people can speak openly about their mental health and not be concerned about their employer or anyone else finding out. Please respect this as workplace mental health stigma is the number #1 reason people don't get the support they need.

Want to know more about the training and skill set of your facilitator? Check it out here (http://www.lesliebennett.ca/bio/).

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