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Get SEO-cial! Gone are the days of thinking you can get by with compelling title meta tags and optimized keyword-rich copy to rank. And Google is now even choking on what used to be it's favorite signal in determining your rank. The signal it loved most to decide if you are relevant, that you are an authority to be listened to, and that you are popular is too often and too easily artificially inseminated thanks to the proliferation of networks containing tens of thousands of blogs developed solely for the purpose of providing an easy way to obtain inbound links.

So Google is throwing up its arms in surrender as it goes out in search of new signals to determine who will get blessed with that coveted first page listing when your customer comes looking for you.

Enter SEO-cial!

Ever since Google starting looking for external signals such as inbound links to determine your rank, it did so with the intent of finding out what OTHERS thought of you because if others linked to you, it reasoned, then you must be good. This approach was correct. It's just that it got abused.

So these days, ever since the advent of Web 2.0 and social media, Google no longer depends only on inbound links to determine if you are liked or not. Now shares, tweets, likes, mentions, follows, bookmarks, and more give Google what it's wanted to know all along, and SEO has quickly morphed into a combination of traditional SEO and social media – or SEO-cial.

Are you SEO-cial?

This is the question you should be asking yourself if you want your website visible and popular in both the search engines and social media, and if you're not, chances are your competitors are, and they're probably snatching away customers from you as well.

Come learn how to get SEO-cial

A thriving online presence is critical these days for the health of your business. So don't be a wallflower. Come learn how you can be SEO-cial from Kathy Long, an web developer, search engine optimization specialist and internet marketer with over 15 years of experience.

In this captivating presentation, you'll learn:

1) The all-important signals you still need to have on your website to assure Google you are relevant and how to create them.
2) Simple ways to turn your website into a social hub.
3) How to find and create content that will start a buzz amongst your peers and your customers and get them AND GOOGLE to love you.
4) How to start the buzz and then flame it's fire to keep others talking about you and pointing the way back to your website for others AND GOOGLE to find.
5) How to get it done with a simple Get SEO-cial plan


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Get SEO-CIAL with Kat & Mouse!
GREAT content + EXPERT technical SEO + ENGAGING social media = SEO-CIAL = more CUSTOMERS!

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