What we're about

This group is for current and aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs. We host a variety of meetups including: fix and flip property tours, Cashflow® 101 game nights, financial education roundtables, trainings to become a public speaker, cryptocurrency events, and exclusive podcast interviews with top business owners.

Part of being an entrepreneur is always being open to new opportunities to make money. It's also surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals who think the same way you do. That's why this group was created and why we offer a diverse set of opportunities for anybody to make money.

Profits > Wages = business ownership > being an employee. Work for yourself and make profits making your own dreams come true instead of working for someone else for wages making their dreams come true.

Past events (69)

Cigars, Poker, and Real Estate Investing

2117 W Grand Ave

Coronas & Cashflow - Chicago (Bucktown)

Lazo's Tacos

Real Estate Career Night

Cobblestone Realty

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