What we're about


• discuss on whatever topic they want to clarify their doubts (focusing on cracking job interviews). This could even involve watching a good lecture video together and discussing at the end.

• discuss on related new technologies, e.g. NoSql, Caching technologies, web servers etc, basically any topic that a typical LAMP/Java/Node.js stack developer with 3-8 years of experience could be dealing with.

• give mock presentations, to help polish presentation skills of those who have not given enough number of actual presentations, and prepare for presenting at organised meetups like PHP Reboot (https://www.meetup.com/PHPReboot/).

• appear for mock interviews (other members can act as interviewers).

Why this meetup group?

The main difference of this group from the other more organized meetups, like PHP Reboot (https://www.meetup.com/PHPReboot/), is that this is for less planned and more frequent meetups. Watch this introductory video where I talk about the idea in brief -


Also, watch this another video, where I try to explain one of the various examples of discussions that I would like to have -


Notes -

• People outside Pune are also welcome to join, because some of our meetups will be held via video conferencing, using skype calls/google hangouts.

• It is highly recommended that you provide a link to a video (hosted on youtube or somewhere) which shows you explaining something.

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I created this group as a LAMP stack developer, with 8 years experience (as on 2016). Now I have switched technology stack, but still have the aim of taking my presentation stills to the next level.


Group renamed from "PHP Micro Meetups (Pune)" to "Programmer's Micro Meetups (Pune)" because -

- All events hosted so far were technology agnostic. PHP specific participation was not there.

- I, the organizer, and the most regular participant, have been working on Node stack and Java stack since almost one year.

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