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Software engineers change their jobs frequently looking for greener pastures. Most software engineers dream of a career in one of the top tech companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft and so on. But between you and your dream job is the programming interview.

Google, the most prestigious company for engineers to work for, receives about a million applications every year, but just less than 0.5% get the honor of working for the search engine giant. In this meetup, we will focus on developing the skills to crack challenging programming interviews, while making ourselves better software engineers.

We will initially meet once a month. Each meetup will be a guided discussion on programming topics, from techniques to crack programming interviews to advanced topics like recursion and dynamic programming.

Note: If you are interested in personal tutoring or group coaching for computer science / programming interview prep, reach out to me at 408 673 1597.

Data structures: –Arrays –Linked Lists –Hash Tables –Recursion –Trees & Graphs –Heaps –Stacks & Queues •Algorithms –Big Oh notations –Searching and sorting techniques –Dynamic Programming, greedy & other algorithms •Programming Skills –Bug free code, elegance •Behavioral Questions •Design –System Design –Object Oriented Design •Overview of frequent questions in Operating Systems / Computer Networks

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Intro and techniques to crack programming interviews.

Capital View Library - CAV Meeting room