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In the Valley, most people would like to change their jobs every few years, work for a more sought after company, and accelerate their careers. The only problem is the programming interview, standing between you and your dream job. Do you feel unprepared or anxious about programming interviews? After all, you are taken out of the comfort of your IDE, asked to code on a white board under severe time constraints on obscure topics like Dynamic programming and recursion. We will meet once a week to practice practice everything related to programming interviews (see syllabus above) and help us all become better at programming interviews.

Visit Programming Interview Prep (http://programminginterviewprep.com/) to schedule a mock programming interview or to learn more about two weekend intensive bootcamp to crack programming interviews.

•Data structures: –Arrays –Linked Lists –Hash Tables –Recursion –Trees & Graphs –Heaps –Stacks & Queues •Algorithms –Big Oh notations –Searching and sorting techniques –Dynamic Programming, greedy & other algorithms •Programming Skills –Bug free code, elegance •Behavioral Questions •Design –System Design –Object Oriented Design •Overview of frequent questions in Operating Systems / Computer Networks

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