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Documentary and Discussion – Earth’s Ecology – “Home”

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Photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand’s shows the beauty and wonder of Planet Earth. Do we really appreciate all the links that make life on Earth possible? See the evidence and join the discussion.

My colleague writes:

Thanks, Billy. I checked it out and stayed up till 3am watching it in its entirety( you know how much I love documentaries). If I were to describe it in a simple way, I would say it was breathtakingly beautifully disturbing. Yet, in summarizing the various human impacts, which was nicely framed in a chronological way spanning all the various mechanisms tying our earth and the beings who live here together in a great web of interdependence, it offered some hope for action.

I like films that are expansive, covering the gamut of problems facing our world today meanwhile making suggestions for taking action and showing examples of where action has been and can be taken to remedy the various issues.

This one hit home a lot because of how they showed that all things are interdependent which is scientifically provable and spiritually recognized.

We are today living in a world whereby we are conditioned to be removed from our source ie the thing that gives us life which any reasonably thinking person can come to realize, if absent, certainly Houston we have a problem here ...

Another thing, I was pleasantly surprised from the action, albeit little in the great scope of things, that governmental forces around the world are starting to work together to protect the natural world and make more sensible decisions. While they did not mention Ecuador, per se, they have been very progressive in taking actions to implement the rights of nature in their constitution which is great thing, in my view. See link here:

Thanks for sharing this wonderful film that everyone most certainly should see.


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