Progressive Talk: State of the Union, Impeachment Trial, Iowa Caucus, and More

Progressives of the SF Bay Area
Progressives of the SF Bay Area
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Every 2nd Saturday of the month

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Progressive Talk is a monthly meetup to discuss the important political and social issues of the day. This meeting, which lasts for no more than two-and-a-half hours, combines dinner with stimulating conversation, covering topics brought forth by the Organizer and club members.

Within a month before the meeting, the Organizer will decide the two to four topics that will be the main discussion topics for the meeting (even with that, topic suggestions for the Organizer are welcome). The Organizer will then announce the meeting via e-mail, mentioning the major discussion topics within the meeting title (e.g., "Progressive Talk: Presidential Candidates, Gun Control, and More").

During the meeting, attendees will talk about the main topics one by one. Afterward, the last part of the meeting is a round robin segment where everyone other than the Organizer can bring up quick comments about miscellaneous news and topics. (This is what the 'More" in the meeting title refers to.)

If you love good food and conversation about current affairs, please join us for a fun evening of progressive talk!