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Are you a screenwriter living in Los Angeles who is exhausted with trying to find the right workshop group for months/years? Are you brand new to the city and not sure where to start with getting your script read? If you have a story that is just begging to be put to paper, but still want to have the supportive environment to give you in depth feedback, then this is the group for you.

We are looking to form a creative space to incubate 10-12 diverse writers, while we go on the quest to create artistic for film and television, just in time for peak submission season. One by one, we will morph our passion projects into masterpieces over the course of 8 weeks, starting on September 3, 2017. Each week two writers will be submitting their script work to the other members of the group to be read with the purest intent of giving honest feedback to in order to produce the highest quality script one can. The best part, ALL TYPES OF SCREENWRITING ARE WELCOME! Whatever story you want to tell, we want to offer the opportunity to workshop and develop your script in whatever stage it is currently in. Do you have a film that has been stuck in the back of your mind? Are you currently working on a web series? Is your plan to have a pilot or spec script ready for pitching season? Please utilize our workshop to help get you closer to reaching your own personal goals, with whatever screenwriting project you need finished.

For the protection of our workshop members, confirmed writers will be required to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement in regards to their work and the work of their fellow collaborators. This is serious stuff folks!

DATES: Meetings are scheduled every Sunday between 9am-12pm, starting with an Introductory Meeting on September 3, 2017 where we will be discussing the particulars of the workshop group, intents/goals, and of course, just getting to know each other.
We will upload venues and a meeting space in the following weeks. If you have general questions please email Levi or Nika at TheAmazonianProject@gmail.com

Please join us and create your story!

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