What we're about

I'm a Project Manager with a PMP certification. I love to get a group together of project managers who casually meet up and talk about various relevant project management (PM) topics.

This could include topics such as issues at work, things related to PMBOK knowledge areas, discussions about pros/cons/usage of PM methodologies (Agile, Lean, Six Sigma, Waterfall, Scrum etc), career advice, use of various project management tools like PM software, etc. Also, I've seen a "Project Management Coaching Workbook" by Susanne Madsen. It looks pretty good-- it might be helpful to walk through this book to guide discussions and knowledge.

While I do have my PMP, I don't work around other project managers and want to find a way to integrate more of the project management conversation and perspective into my day-to-day framework. It seems like this group could be good for getting to better know other project managers and networking. While I mainly have done healthcare quality improvement and marketing project management, I think the group could be open to all fields.

Because I have a commute to work, I wanted to keep this meetup in or really close to Culver City. Maybe sometimes we could do phone "meetings" or an online forum for group conversations, if helpful. It would be nice to make it a casual, fun group and maybe we can go to a coffee shop or to a pub for conversations. I picture maybe having a general, loose agenda for at least some of the meetups-- not sure. Details like this can be decided on later.

Anyway, please let me know if you're interested!

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