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Project Plan Series: Develop the Life You Want is for individuals to:

(1) seek what makes them happy & healthy (2) plan how to get there (3) strategize the steps, as if it were a cha cha dance...(4) implement the moves it takes (5) self-evaluate (6) change course when necessary…(7) record the lessons learned (8) appreciate your master piece when you meet your goals and dreams (9) without apology!

Let's dream, plan, agenda set, search, implement, create and live the life they want at home, work, school, in their relationships, careers, with regards to their finances, health, and personal goals....to name a few....Meaning we have something for EVERYONE.... Whether trying to take control of your finances this year, or strategize your next big career move, if you are trying to manage a health issue or get out of a rut, change your routine or break a unhealthy habit....

If you are not only read to PLOT your BUCKET LIST, but also IMPLEMENT it....This is the group for you!

Our Project Plan Series workshops will help you organize your time to cater to all your responsibilities, while also making room to enjoy your hobbies, home, and relationships...

No we will not be creating traditional project plans (although we can and do use activities and checklists to help organize our time).....we will however in a creative way focus on how we can:

1 ) Manage your finances
2) Prepare for your job searches, promotions, or strategize linear career moves
3) Creating the home we long for
4) Take control of your health
5) Prioritize the events, activities and places we want to visit as if they were errands and responsibilities
6) Self reflect on our personal and professional goals...in an entertaining way to make sure we finally implement our aspirations this year!

(to name a few)

With workbooks, workshops, lectures, activites and social events to compliment our workshops on organizing, planning, dreaming and implementing goals on our:

Wallets & Waists
Our Kids & Family
Travel Plans
Therapy (Self Development)
College Plans

To name a few.....we have a workshop just for you!

*For those who signed up for the Project Plan Series last month, this is a update version.

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Project Plan Your Finances

Queens Plaza

We all make mistakes when it comes to money. Even those of us with 800's and are fortunate to move beyond paycheck to paycheck... There are always better ways of managing our money, cutting costs and freeing up some pennies...or at least re-allocating them in order to juggle multiple debts (when we are trying to get out of a mess) or spend and save in more satisfying ways. Project Plan Your Finances (also known as the second half of Project Plan Your Time & Money), ...is about financial management. While some financial investment resources will be shared, this workshop is about being mindful about how we spend, save, economize and capitalize! Led by someone who has had a mounted mess AND at other times sound financial success ... depending on who is measured on the spectrum...(single with no kids looks different then dual incomes or divorced with ten - but always a take away for anyone and everyone!) **(business /accounting background creditentials available upon request). Our session is a guided workspace to reflect and plan our budgets in order to analyze what we need, how we buy, where we spend, and what gets in the way when we dont save.... Some of us procrastinate because we get scared of what we might find when we look at the bills and or peek at the statements...but lets rip the band aid off and get uncomfortable with our financial sins to plan for better days ahead! This session will help organize your budget and your bills in order to develop realistic ways to shave expenses, reallocate spending, invest and/or save. With tax tips, quick ways to increase income, make basic investments and find economically ways of doing what we always do... combined with... freebies, 'half off hair' 'discounted deals' the 'costs of convenience' 'access apps' 'economize on errands' for a bit of financial fun! (Email us for specific asks to be covered or to get a taste of the entire agenda) Fee $15. Light refreshments will be served. One on one targeted budget advice (budget organization, allocation, plans to tackle debts, and basic investment advice available upon request, details at the event!)

Project Plan Your Finances!

Needs a location

Date subject to change. Details coming soon.

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