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Some meet-up locations members have found comforting, soothing, meaningful, easy to get to, and-or safe: Foothills Hospital Garden Deli cafeteria, CO OP grocery cafe (1130 11 Ave SW), Good Earth coffeehouse (1502 11 St SW or 683 10 St SW), NorthHill Shopping Mall and area, Community Natural Foods Cafe (1304 10 Ave SW), U of C campus, Kensington area, 17th Av SW, 14th St SW; walking on the Bow River pathway; Edworthy Park. Please message me if it's too hard for you to get to these locations and we shall discuss other locations to meet.

[Note: this is a free, informal, peer-mentoring and support group, which means it is non-clinical, non-professional, not regulated, not registered, not licensed, not certified, intended for people living with chronic sadness. It is for those who: find life meaningless, have no mission to fulfil, feel mediocre and accidental, have a sense of strangeness or unreality, find life hopeless, feel impending disaster, fear where sadness leads to, have a sense of mental defeat, can't find a way out or around or through, feel entirely alone, keep asking where every-one is, feel helpless, have the sense that no-one can help them, feel exhausted in the power to act, weep frequently, have lost all interests, are in despair and agony, have lost all enthusiasm, feel condemned to utter futility, feel marooned by every-one, are encumbered by activities that once gave joy, feel disconnected by other humans, feel listlessness and fatigue saturating life, finding every-day tasks to be like wading through tar, feel socialising as being a chore, feel forgotten-forsaken-abandoned, "know" that all kinds of prospects in life have disappeared, feel that consciousness has turned into a leaden weight, feel that no activity is worth doing, have an appalling sense of the total meaninglessness of human existence, feel like a flower fading of thirst in a bleak and barren desert, have doubt and misery in the pit of their stomachs, and-or feel cut off or severed from every-one. This group is led ideally by every member, for every-one is a mentor in some way to some one (you can, for example, share with some-one what you do when you feel terribly alone, which the other person might be able to apply to help him-herself cope). Confidentiality is based on trust. We emphasise that we are in no way practising medicine or counselling or psychotherapy or offering clinical treatment, but are only cooperating with family physicians, registered counsellors, clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, and other regulated-licensed-registered-standard professionals. 'Tis not a place to be diagnosed, and is not a substitute for professional care. We are only bringing possible supplementary strategies, ideas, and-or inspiration-motivation--peer support--to augment any assigned treatment, to enhance-enrich traditional talk therapy or what have you, clearly. Shared self-help content can be supernaturally-paraphysically based, occult and existentially oriented (for there are studies in the literature that reveal having a profound mystical-shamanistic, prolonged peak experience can get rid of pathological-idiopathic-neurotic sadness, addiction, grief, sorrow), or be grounded on material-world activities. Take what might be useful and comforting, that provides you with hope. This meetup isn't a business that is trying to hustle you workshops and products; we're too busy trying to help each other harmoniously and clearly.]

Hullo! My name is Erico.

My experience with debilitating sadness and intolerable loneliness or pathological-idiopathic-neurotic sense of disconnectedness from the population (and worse yet--keen awareness of socioparaphysical dislocation) has taught me the value of collaborative approach to health and wellbeing, which, for me, is hard to find--which is why I launched this meetup. TO-gether in our meetings, we exchange challenges and experiences, and we brainstorm, find, invent, explore, share, and-or try ideas, techniques, strategies, words of wisdom, and useful beliefs-attitudes to send depressive symptoms back to the dusts of hell. We try to find and generate hope, and lots of it. We reinforce what we've learned. We find new ways of being in relationship to what is driving us mad, or into distress of some kind, into that powerful maelstöm of terrible rumination and darkness. We also salvage failed therapies-strategies-ideas-techniques and try if we can to enhance or enrich them inventively. Our attitude is a noble, Quixotical one: "Come all the fiends in hell! We shall banish you all back to the depths, clearly and powerfully! NOWWWwwwwww!" Note: regardless of such attitude and attempts, we usually get our butts kicked by depression or intolerable loneliness every single time we come up with a new way to cope (if you've been chronically depressed, then you know what we mean); but we, in spite of this, TREK ON-WARD, UNDAUNTED (hence "Quixotical"--I mean, is it really mad to do what's right?), TO-GETHER, and continue to EXPLORE intrepidly (instead of judge). Such forced optimism might be the only way for us to press on in life, and it might be all we can do, for now. We must needs be explorers (for when you have glowing curiosity, you don't need courage).

For those feeling intolerably lonely, marooned, or cursed by stubborn, chronic-pathological-idiopathic-neurotic sadness, we can, maybe, with hope, clearly and powerfully, support each other in some alleviatory-temporary way at least!--starting with the next meeting, or even starting NOWWWwwwwww (if you call or e-mail me or another member). With this group, you might make friends or at least contacts, and then shan't have to rely-depend upon the group's mentoring or support ever again (you just go out with your new friend[s], or tele-phone up a contact, to share new ideas and to support or teach one another new ways of coping with depression or alleviating sadness). If things don't pan out with your new friends, then you can get more by re-joining this support group, maybe.

I invite and encourage you to participate in our support group that is open to every-one (including those who've gotten o'er depression, who've alleviated their depression, who have a loved one who is depressed, who know any higher-order operational epistemology for generative change as opposed to remedial, or those who want to share their findings on prolonging peak experiences). Share your experiences with the group and connect harmoniously and lovingly with fellows who can relate to you in a manner that goes beyond what a book, video, world-wide-web-site, or even a paid counsellor-therapist can can offer. You may message me on this meetup 'site any-time. Share with me thy quest.

We hold our group support meeting in Calgary, Alberta CANADA, at various public places (if only 4-5 people sign up) during a time when it's less crowded. (See the list of possible locations at the top; there might be other free public places you might think of to meet--we're open to suggestions. Restaurants? Cafes? Parks? Places near an LRT C-Train station? If we get more people wanting to meet to-gether, we might be able to rent out one of the Kerby Centre conference rooms, the Calgary Public Library rooms, a church room, or other meeting room. If there's no meetup date scheduled, then PLEASE ASK where the next meeting is being held, and CONTACT ME ANY TIME you want to meet!--to-night, on the morrow, or next week.

In the mean time and in between time, you must needs keep pushing through the dark forest and keep moving, for other-wise it might crush you if you remain stationary. You want to ease on through this cursed forest of depression, and to do that, you must needs keep pushing on-ward through its dense thickets, NOWWWwwwwww! It's the only way, for now. If you are feeling overwhelmingly pessimistic, intolerably lonely or marooned, excrutiating sadness, and you are in too much emotional agony, then call now: 811 (Health Link--health advice line) and talk to a nurse; or, the Alberta Mental Health Crisis Line 1-877-303-2642; or, Access Mental Health (403) 943 1500 / 1 844 943 1500; or, the Distress Centre Crisis Line (403) 266 4357; or, the team of professionals at Wood's Homes (403) 299 9699 / 1 800 563 6106. If you ever feel like or have frequent thoughts about harming yourself, then CALL the Suicide Prevention Line 1 800 784 2433 OR CALL 911. Get yourself safe. (Project PEP members can still visit you if you are admitted into the hospital.)

If you are undecided in joining us and still want to find a support group, then check out , where you'll find updated listings of support groups. Know that members of just one support group might know of other excellent support groups that you mayn't have heard of. It is thus always worth going to any support group, clearly.

Message me if you fancy an earlier meetup to go to or fancy a different location. We shall just agree to a place and time, and go to it. You can ask me for my tele-phone number if you just want to talk. Try messaging other members and maybe you can go for coffee with 'em or even arrange your own meetups.

We're pullin' for you--remember, we're all in this to-gether.

["PEP" = "Peak Experience Prolongation"; meetup sponsored by {coming soon!}]

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