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Prometheus is the ancient Athenian (Greek) god of technology and a divine rebel.

The Shrine of Prometheus is a group of Pagans, polytheists, occultists, and others who revere Prometheus, either as an actual deity or as a symbol, or who have a strong interest in science and technology. We also welcome anyone with an interest in how science and technology relate to spirituality. Our aims include:

1) To educate ourselves and other polytheists and occultists about a variety of topics pertaining to science/technology and spirituality.

2) To foster a sense of community among polytheists and occultists with a strong interest in science and technology, whether professional or amateur, and to facilitate professional networking among polytheists and occultists who work in technical fields.

3) To develop rituals and other activities to honor Prometheus and to foster our own technological creativity and problem-solving ability.

For now, we'll hold informal discussion meetings of our own, plus occasional trips to museums and to relevant events held by other organizations. Later, when we have enough regularly-attending members, we'll also hold more structured events of our own, including rituals.

For more information, please see our "About" page: https://www.meetup.com/New-York-City-Shrine-of-Prometheus/about/ .

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