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Do you want to get started in real estate investing? If so, this Meetup may be just what you’re looking for.

We focus on what’s called “bird dogging”: locating properties that wholesalers, rehabbers, and other investors want. In a nutshell, you find a property. You provide some basic information on the property to a wholesaler or rehabber, and in return receive payment—which can run from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.

Being a bird dog is often the first step on a path to real estate investing. You learn as you earn.

It’s also probably the lowest-cost, lowest-risk opportunity in real estate investing. You don’t sign any contracts with sellers. You don’t give sellers any deposits. Your relationship is with your real estate investor who does those things. You just find the properties and forward the information to him or her.

The goal of this Meetup is to give you the tools and knowledge you need to become a successful property locator/bird dog.

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