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Not your mama's book club. We are looking for all readers in the area that want to answer the question: what's good to read, Miley? This club is co-ed and targeted to 25-45 year-olds who want to meet new people, read something exciting, maybe even argue about it, drink some wine, and forget about their lives for a couple of hours. Our first book will be Elena Ferrante's My Brilliant Friend and we will schedule the meetup date and time when we reach 25 members.

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Codename Villanelle by Luke Jennings

The Book Cellar Cafe

Sorry for the late posting of this meeting! If you like and watch TV, then you have probably heard of Killing Eve. (FYI: It's completely worth the hype.) This the first book of the series that the show is based on. This is a classic spy v. spy story with a twist. Villanelle (a codename, of course) is one of the world's most skilled assassins. A catlike psychopath whose love for the creature comforts of her luxurious lifestyle is second only to her love of the game, she specializes in murdering the world's richest and most powerful. But when she murders an influential Russian politician, she draws a relentless foe to her tail. Eve Polastri (not a codename) is a former MI6 operative hired by the national security services for a singular task: to find and capture or kill the assassin responsible, and those who have aided her. Eve, whose quiet and otherwise unextraordinary life belies her quick wit and keen intellect, accepts the mission. The ensuing chase will lead them on a trail around the world, intersecting with corrupt governments and powerful criminal organizations, all leading towards a final confrontation from which neither will emerge unscathed. Codename Villanelle is a sleek, fast-paced international thriller from an exciting new voice in fiction.

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Less by Andrew Sean Greer

Due South Brewing Co.

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