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We are gathering established business owners and those that are thinking of starting a business. This is an invitation to those who understand that they shape their reality and can help create positive changes within society. Do you desire to make a positive imprint in the world and create financial freedom by doing what you love? This network is for those who want to start living life on purpose or for those that are already living life on purpose. We are a group of committed, focused and conscious business people that are looking for a holistic approach to business. Together, we help each others businesses grow. Our goal is to empower, inspire and educate entrepreneurs to create businesses that are aligned with their personal growth so that they can serve the world in their highest capacity.

This group will appeal to people who:

• know that they are called to do something bigger with their lives

• want to help others with their business and want to contribute to create a better world

• desire to have a prosperity mindset and create financial freedom doing what they love

• are overwhelmed with the business aspect

• have been hiding and desire to move beyond this limitation

• have felt that they don’t belong here and have not been heard.

• were told they are to sensitive

• struggled in school or at home and shut down, or were labelled as ‘difficult’ either in school or at home

• have a calling to create change yet are unsure how

• need support developing themselves

• desire to be involved with a community of like-minded individuals and be energized by their business

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