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Welcome to "Prosperity Cashflow & Abundance Meetup." Our Meetup is a financial tool to help get out of the Rat Race and to start living your life in abundance. Focus on hitting your dreams and not just exist to pay bills.

We will be learning about passive income, infinite banking (build a bank of yourself), how to get out of the Rat Race, leverage, play Cashflow & Abundance.

During our games of Cashflow we play 2 games of 45 minutes each. For the first 45 minutes you can only use assets that you have in your real life . For the 2nd 45 minute game you can use any assets you want to get out of the Rat Race.

This is to show individuals that no matter what your financial status there is always a way out of the Rat Race into Abundance and Cashflow.

Looking forward to have you join us for a life of prosperity, abundance and cashflow.

Any questions for me for fastest response text me at 780-318-2855

Billi-Jo Irwin/Organizer
Prosperity Abundance & Cashflow

Are you leading a life of Abundance and Cashflow or squeaking by in the Rat Race?

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Play Cashflow Game & Learn To Get Out Of The Rat Race

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