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Flutter: Build Beautiful Native Apps in Record Time

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Flutter: Build Beautiful Native Apps in Record Time
Over the last few years, many solutions have come out for helping with Cross-Platform Mobile development. There are many options out there today from Ionic, Framework7, React Native, NativeScript, and Xamarin. Now there is another option, Flutter. Flutter is developed by Google and is in their last preview version before going to a 1.0 release.

Flutter was inspired by React and React Native but has taken a different approach to Cross-Platform Mobile development. It uses the Dart Language and Skia. It is open source and currently supports IOS and Android. Although it is in a preview release, it’s been used for production apps like Google Ads, Alibaba, and Hamilton Musical.

In this presentation, Scott Cornell of Trilix ( will review Flutter's architecture and walk thru the steps to build a simple mobile application.
10 Dorrance St, 9th Floor · Providence, RI
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