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A group for beer geeks who want to share new/aged/different beers with likeminded friends. Got a beer cellar? Get excited by new brews? Made a road trip to VT or get on a flight for a release day? Things aged in casks make you giddy? Trade beers to the other coast? Seek out beer obsessively when it hits RI but don't tell your friends because they'll think you're odd? Join us! Providence is a BYOB town with some great places to eat, so why not come out, get some food, bring a bottle, and share with others like you?

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Brewery Visit to Long Live Beerworks!

Long Live Beerworks

Beer Share: Sun and Moon Korean Restaurant

Needs a location

Beer Share at Bee's Thai!

Bee's Thai Cuisine

Beer Share at Not Just Snacks (Outside on the Patio!)

Not Just Snacks

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