What we're about

Providence Integral is a special interest group that meets every Thursday of each month at AQAL Therapies Inc., from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM to discuss human and evolutionary development.

The purpose of this group is to build upon an ongoing series of discussions to create an integral community here in Providence by providing a safe and welcoming opening for those who wish to investigate the integral philosophy.

The discussions and study are grounded in the Integral Philosophy of Ken Wilber as well as other authors who have contributed to the growing field. Integral Theory (AQAL) is a map of maps, or a meta-theory that incorporates the core truths from hundreds of other theories.

It organizes the insights of the spiritual traditions, philosophy, modern science, developmental psychology, and many other disciplines, into one, coherent whole and has been proven to help broaden one's mind and provide new skills to handle daily challenges.

Because AQAL attempts to map the entire known realms of mind, soul, society, art, and spirit, the Integral Approach engages nearly every aspect of our lives. In doing so it allows one to learn to hold more perspectives, freely and flexibly, exercising every dimension of what it means to be human.

This inclusiveness is why practice is regarded as a matter of whole-person feeling-intelligence—body, mind, and spirit. Integral Life Practice is AQAL applied to life—a life of conscious evolution in all parts of your being. It is not necessary to know anything at all about this approach and in fact, is highly encouraged for those who do not.

Hope to see you there.



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